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Mulholland Drive (2001)

Mulholland Drive (2001)

An actress longing to be a star. A woman searching for herself. Both worlds will collide… on Mulholland Drive.

Blonde Betty Elms has only just arrived in Hollywood to become a movie star when she meets an enigmatic brunette with amnesia. Meanwhile, as the two set off to solve the second woman's identity, filmmaker Adam Kesher runs into ominous trouble while casting his latest project.

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Naomi Watts Naomi Watts
as Betty Elms / Diane Selwyn
Laura Harring Laura Harring
as Rita / Camilla Rhodes
Justin Theroux Justin Theroux
as Adam Kesher
Ann Miller Ann Miller
as Catherine Lenoix
Dan Hedaya Dan Hedaya
as Vincenzo Castigliane
Brent Briscoe Brent Briscoe
as Detective Neal Domgaard
Robert Forster Robert Forster
as Detective Harry McKnight
Katharine Towne Katharine Towne
as Cynthia Jenzen
Lee Grant Lee Grant
as Louise Bonner
Scott Coffey Scott Coffey
as Wilkins
Billy Ray Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus
as Gene
Chad Everett Chad Everett
as Jimmy Katz
Rita Taggart Rita Taggart
as Linney James
James Karen James Karen
as Wally Brown
Lori Heuring Lori Heuring
as Lorraine Kesher
Angelo Badalamenti Angelo Badalamenti
as Luigi Castigliani
Michael Des Barres Michael Des Barres
as Billy Deznutz
Marcus Graham Marcus Graham
as Vincent Darby
Missy Crider Missy Crider
as Waitress at Winkies (Diane / Betty)
Robert Katims Robert Katims
as Ray Hott
Jeanne Bates Jeanne Bates
as Irene
Dan Birnbaum Dan Birnbaum
as Irene's Companion at Airport
Randall Wulff Randall Wulff
as Limo Driver
Maya Bond Maya Bond
as Ruth Elms
Patrick Fischler Patrick Fischler
as Dan
Michael Cooke Michael Cooke
as Herb
Bonnie Aarons Bonnie Aarons
as Bum
Michael J. Anderson Michael J. Anderson
as Mr. Roque
Joseph Kearney Joseph Kearney
as Roque's Manservant
Enrique Buelna Enrique Buelna
as Back of Head Man
Richard Mead Richard Mead
as Hairy-Armed Man
Sean Everett Sean Everett
as Cab Driver at LAX
Daniel Rey Daniel Rey
as Valet Attendant
David Schroeder David Schroeder
as Robert Smith
Tom Morris Tom Morris
as Espresso Man
Melissa George Melissa George
as Camilla Rhodes
Mo Gallini Mo Gallini
as Castigliane Limo Driver
Mark Pellegrino Mark Pellegrino
as Joe Messing
Vincent Castellanos Vincent Castellanos
as Ed
Diane Nelson Diane Nelson
as Heavy-Set Woman
Charles Croughwell Charles Croughwell
as Vacuum Man
Rena Riffel Rena Riffel
as Laney
Tad Horino Tad Horino
as Taka
Tony Longo Tony Longo
as Kenny
Geno Silva Geno Silva
as Cookie Park Hotel Manager / Club Silencio M.C.
Monty Montgomery Monty Montgomery
as Cowboy
Kate Forster Kate Forster
as Martha Johnson
Wayne Grace Wayne Grace
as Bob Brooker
Michele Hicks Michele Hicks
as Nicki Pelazza
Lisa K. Ferguson Lisa K. Ferguson
as Julie Chadwick
William Ostrander William Ostrander
as 2nd Assistant Director
Lisa Lackey Lisa Lackey
as Carol
Brian Beacock Brian Beacock
as Backup Singer #1
Blake Lindsley Blake Lindsley
as Backup Singer #2
Adrien Curry Adrien Curry
as Backup Singer #3
Tyrah M. Lindsey Tyrah M. Lindsey
as Backup Singer #4
Michael D. Weatherred Michael D. Weatherred
as Hank
Michael Fairman Michael Fairman
as Jason
Johanna Stein Johanna Stein
as Woman in #12
Richard Green Richard Green
as Bondar
Conte Candoli Conte Candoli
as Club Silencio Trumpet Player
Cori Glazer Cori Glazer
as Blue-Haired Lady in balcony seat at Club Silencio
Rebekah Del Rio Rebekah Del Rio
as Herself
Lyssie Powell Lyssie Powell
as Blond in Bed (Corpse) in #17
Kimberly Clever Kimberly Clever
as Dancer
Joshua Collazo Joshua Collazo
as Dancer
David Frutos David Frutos
as Dancer
Peter Loggins Peter Loggins
as Dancer
Theresa Salazar Theresa Salazar
as Dancer
Thea Samuels Thea Samuels
as Dancer
Christian Thompson Christian Thompson
as Dancer
David Lynch David Lynch
Alain Sarde Alain Sarde
Peter Deming Peter Deming
Director of Photography
Mary Sweeney Mary Sweeney
Jack Fisk Jack Fisk
Production Design
Peter Jamison Peter Jamison
Art Direction
Barbara Haberecht Barbara Haberecht
Set Decoration
Amy Stofsky Amy Stofsky
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Melissa Moseley Melissa Moseley
Still Photographer
David Lynch David Lynch
Pierre Edelman Pierre Edelman
Executive Producer
Neal Edelstein Neal Edelstein
Tony Krantz Tony Krantz
Michael Polaire Michael Polaire
Mary Sweeney Mary Sweeney
David Lynch David Lynch
Sound Designer
Angelo Badalamenti Angelo Badalamenti
Hilary Schroeder Hilary Schroeder
First Assistant Editor
Julie L. Pearce Julie L. Pearce
Costume & Make-Up
Makeup Department Head
Randy Westgate Randy Westgate
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Makeup Artist
David Lynch David Lynch
Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Ronald Eng Ronald Eng
Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Ronald Eng Ronald Eng
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Visual Effects Supervisor
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Costume Supervisor