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Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)

Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)

A zombie attack brings chaos to Harvardville Airport. Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield , who fought the sinister Umbrella Corporation during the Raccoon City tragedy 7 years ago, are back. In high-octane Resident Evil style, they're ready to battle a rogue warrior who is seeking revenge after his family was killed in Raccoon City. The deadly G-Virus is unleashed and a new mutated monster rampages.

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    I've been looking for all of this over! *_* Thanks so much~!

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    love this movie

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    I watched the trailer in this movie, and it appears as if a fun filled movie. Thanks a ton plenty of for posting!

Alyson Court Alyson Court
as Claire Redfield (Voice)
Paul Mercier Paul Mercier
as Leon S. Kennedy (Voice)
Laura Bailey Laura Bailey
as Angela Miller (voice)
Roger Craig Smith Roger Craig Smith
as Curtis Miller (voice)
Crispin Freeman Crispin Freeman
as Frederic Downing (voice)
Salli Saffioti Salli Saffioti
as Ingrid Hunnigan (Voice)
Michelle Ruff Michelle Ruff
as Rani Chawla (Voice)
Michael Sorich Michael Sorich
as Senator Ron Davis (Voice)
Michael McConnohie Michael McConnohie
as WilPharma CEO (Voice)
Kirk Thornton Kirk Thornton
as President (Voice)
Steve Blum Steve Blum
as Greg Glenn (voice)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
as Rani's aunt (voice)
Kari Wahlgren Kari Wahlgren
as Various (voice)
Yuri Lowenthal Yuri Lowenthal
as Various (voice)
Karen Strassman Karen Strassman
as Various (voice)
Johnny Yong Bosch Johnny Yong Bosch
as Various (voice)
Cindy Robinson Cindy Robinson
as Various (voice)
Keith Silverstein Keith Silverstein
as Various (voice)
Skip Stellrecht Skip Stellrecht
as Various (voice)
Dave Wittenberg Dave Wittenberg
as Various (voice)
Barbara Goodson Barbara Goodson
as Various (voice)
Kyle Hebert Kyle Hebert
as Various (voice)
Megan Hollingshead Megan Hollingshead
as Various (voice)
Troy Baker Troy Baker
as Various (voice)
J. B. Blanc J. B. Blanc
as Various (voice)
Makoto Kamiya Makoto Kamiya
Shoutarou Suga Shoutarou Suga
Tetsuya Takahashi Tetsuya Takahashi
Hiroyuki Kobayashi Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Kouji Kasamatsu Kouji Kasamatsu
Sound Designer
Youta Tsuruoka Youta Tsuruoka
Sound Director
Haruhiro Tsujimoto Haruhiro Tsujimoto
Executive Producer
Hidenori Ueki Hidenori Ueki