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The Most Beautiful (1944)

The Most Beautiful (1944)

The stories of several young women who work in a 'precision optical instruments' factory during the second World War. Despite illness, injury, and tremendous personal hardship, the women persevere in their tasks, devoted to their work and their country's cause.

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Takashi Shimura Takashi Shimura
as Chief Goro Ishida
Shôji Kiyokawa Shôji Kiyokawa
as Soichi Yoshikawa, Chief of General Affairs Section
Ichirô Sugai Ichirô Sugai
as Ken Shinda, Chief of Labor Section
Takako Irie Takako Irie
as Noriko Mizushima, dorm mother
Yôko Yaguchi Yôko Yaguchi
as Tsuru Watanabe, president of women workers
Sayuri Tanima Sayuri Tanima
as Yuriko Tanimura, vice president of women workers
Sachiko Ozaki Sachiko Ozaki
as Sachiko Yamazaki
Shizuko Nishigaki Shizuko Nishigaki
as Fusae Nishioka
Asako Suzuki Asako Suzuki
as Asako Suzumura
Haruko Toyama Haruko Toyama
as Masako Koyama
Aiko Masu Aiko Masu
as Tokiko Hiroda
Kazuko Hitomi Kazuko Hitomi
as Kazuko Futomi
Shizuko Yamada Shizuko Yamada
as Hisae Yamaguchi
Itoko Kôno Itoko Kôno
as Sue Okabe
Emiko Rei Emiko Rei
as Chie Shima
Haruko Mii Haruko Mii
as Haruko Kawai
Minori Toyohara Minori Toyohara
as Minori Yoyota
Eiko Hirayama Eiko Hirayama
as Yoshiko Shirayama
Harue Yamashita Harue Yamashita
as Kiyo Mishima
Mineko Mashiro Mineko Mashiro
as Mineko Bando
Isuzu Miyakawa Isuzu Miyakawa
as Shizue Miyazaki
Michiko Oikawa Michiko Oikawa
as Michiko Ayukawa
Teruko Kato Teruko Kato
as Teruko Sato
Akitake Kôno Akitake Kôno
as Fire and drum band instructor
Unpei Yokoyama Unpei Yokoyama
as Dormitory worker
Chieko Nakakita Chieko Nakakita
as Student worker
Koyuri Tanima Koyuri Tanima
as Factory worker
Akira Kurosawa Akira Kurosawa
Akira Kurosawa Akira Kurosawa
Motohiko Itô Motohiko Itô
Jin Usami Jin Usami