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The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009)

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009)

The Saints Are Calling

Skillfully framed by an unknown enemy for the murder of a priest, wanted vigilante MacManus brothers Murphy and Connor must come out of hiding on a sheep farm in Ireland to fight for justice in Boston.

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Sean Patrick Flanery Sean Patrick Flanery
as Connor MacManus
Norman Reedus Norman Reedus
as Murphy MacManus
Billy Connolly Billy Connolly
as Poppa Il Duce
Clifton Collins Jr. Clifton Collins Jr.
as Romeo
Julie Benz Julie Benz
as Eunice Bloom
Peter Fonda Peter Fonda
as The Roman
Paul Johansson Paul Johansson
as Rick
Judd Nelson Judd Nelson
as Concezio Yakavetta
David Della Rocco David Della Rocco
as Rocco
Bob Marley Bob Marley
as Detective Greenly
Brian Mahoney Brian Mahoney
as Detective Duffy
David Ferry David Ferry
as Detective Dolly
Gerard Parkes Gerard Parkes
as Doc
Richard Fitzpatrick Richard Fitzpatrick
as The Chief
Robert Mauriell Robert Mauriell
as Louie
Daniel DeSanto Daniel DeSanto
as Crew Cut
Robb Wells Robb Wells
as Jimmy the Gofer
Pedro Salvín Pedro Salvín
as Uncle Cesar
Dwayne McLean Dwayne McLean
as Father McKinney
Tom Barnett Tom Barnett
as Irish Gun Dealer
Bob Rubin Bob Rubin
as Gorgeous George
Mairtin O'Carrigan Mairtin O'Carrigan
as Father Sibeal
Sweeney MacArthur Sweeney MacArthur
as Jacob McManus
Aaron Berg Aaron Berg
as Jo Jo Rhama
Joris Jarsky Joris Jarsky
as Lloyd
Zachary Bennett Zachary Bennett
as Roy
Willem Dafoe Willem Dafoe
as Paul Smecker (uncredited)
Erika Bruun-Andersen Erika Bruun-Andersen
as Massage Therapist
Matthew Chaffee Matthew Chaffee
as Officer Chaffey
Carlo Berardinucci Carlo Berardinucci
as 50's Mafioso
Joe Parro Joe Parro
as 50's Mafioso
Joseph Di Mambro Joseph Di Mambro
as 50's Thug
Philip Bucceri Philip Bucceri
as 50's Thug
Tony Munch Tony Munch
as 50's Thug
Matthew G. Taylor Matthew G. Taylor
as Giant
Paul De La Rosa Paul De La Rosa
as Cab Driver
Paulino Nunes Paulino Nunes
as Capo
A. Frank Ruffo A. Frank Ruffo
as Capo
Stefano DiMatteo Stefano DiMatteo
as Capo
Marco Bianco Marco Bianco
as Capo
Paul Rapovski Paul Rapovski
as Capo
Santino Buda Santino Buda
as Capo
Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright
as Dock Worker
Darryl Flatman Darryl Flatman
as G-Man
Darryl Pring Darryl Pring
as Hot Dog Vendor
Rolando Alvarez Giacoman Rolando Alvarez Giacoman
as Mexican Seaman
Brad Davis Brad Davis
as North Side Bruglione
Ermes Blarasin Ermes Blarasin
as North Side Bruglione
Flint Eagle Flint Eagle
as North Side Bruglione
Brian Frank Brian Frank
as North Side Bruglione
Steve 'Shack' Shackleton Steve 'Shack' Shackleton
as North Side Bruglione
Brendan Wall Brendan Wall
as North Side Bruglione
Shamus Fynes Shamus Fynes
as Police Officer
Louis Di Bianco Louis Di Bianco
as Patronazzi
Louis Di Bianco Louis Di Bianco
as Pedestrian
George Nickolas K. George Nickolas K.
as Pedestrian
Howard Hoover Howard Hoover
as Reporter #1
Joey Amorosino Joey Amorosino
as Reporter #2
Mark Stables Mark Stables
as Prison Guard
Jerry Azzopardi Jerry Azzopardi
as FBI Agent
Brendan Carmody Brendan Carmody
as Thug in the Woods
Scott Savitz Scott Savitz
as Street Interviewee
Paul Joyce Paul Joyce
as Street Interviewee
John Herman John Herman
as Street Interviewee
Kara Apostolica Kara Apostolica
as Street Interviewee
Kimberly Tuscano Kimberly Tuscano
as Street Interviewee
Troy Duffy Troy Duffy
Troy Duffy Troy Duffy
Troy Duffy Troy Duffy
Taylor Duffy Taylor Duffy
Chris Brinker Chris Brinker
Don Carmody Don Carmody
Robert N. Fried Robert N. Fried
Executive Producer
Lloyd Segan Lloyd Segan
Executive Producer
Jeff Danna Jeff Danna
Original Music Composer
Bill DeRonde Bill DeRonde
Paul Kumpata Paul Kumpata
Veronica Collins Veronica Collins
Miroslaw Baszak Miroslaw Baszak
Director of Photography
Dan Yarhi Dan Yarhi
Production Design
Dennis Davenport Dennis Davenport
Art Direction
Steve Shewchuk Steve Shewchuk
Set Decoration
Georgina Yarhi Georgina Yarhi
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Paul J. Alessi Paul J. Alessi
Epk Camera Operator
Alicia Turner Alicia Turner
Stunt Double