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Suck Me Shakespeer (2013)

Suck Me Shakespeer (2013)

A comedy that follows an ex-con who lands a position at a school that sits over the spot where money from one of his earlier robberies was stashed.

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Elyas M’Barek Elyas M’Barek
as Zeki Müller
Karoline Herfurth Karoline Herfurth
as Lisi Schnabelstedt
Katja Riemann Katja Riemann
as Direktorin Gudrun
Jana Pallaske Jana Pallaske
as Charlie
Alwara Höfels Alwara Höfels
as Caro
Jonas Holdenrieder Jonas Holdenrieder
as Peter Paker
Uschi Glas Uschi Glas
as Frau Leimbach-Knorrs
Jella Haase Jella Haase
as Chantal
Max von der Groeben Max von der Groeben
as Daniel (Danger)
Margarita Broich Margarita Broich
as Frau Sieberts / Jugenamtfrau
Bernd Stegemann Bernd Stegemann
as Mr. Gundlach
Farid Bang Farid Bang
as Paco
Stefan Gödde Stefan Gödde
as Veranstalter
Christian Näthe Christian Näthe
as Biologie-Lehrer
Lena Klenke Lena Klenke
as Laura
Gizem Emre Gizem Emre
as Zeynep
Aram Arami Aram Arami
as Burak
Runa Greiner Runa Greiner
as Maike
Valentina Pahde Valentina Pahde
as Greta
Robin Reichelt Robin Reichelt
as Nerd Jerome
Nicolas Brauner Nicolas Brauner
as Nerdjunge
Janina Altinger Janina Altinger
as Nerdmädchen
Kyra Sophia Kahre Kyra Sophia Kahre
as Isabell
Paul Triller Paul Triller
as Kevin
Michael Pryadko Michael Pryadko
as Ufuk
Daniela Oberbörsch Daniela Oberbörsch
as Paula
Aysel Geylan Aysel Geylan
as Hauptschülerin 1
Nadine Frerker Nadine Frerker
as Hauptschülerin 2
Susanna Okonowski Susanna Okonowski
as Hauptschülerin 3
Dustin Raschdorf Dustin Raschdorf
as Leo Deckweiss
Nino Böhlau Nino Böhlau
as Robin
Celia Bodenschatz Celia Bodenschatz
as Agnes
Alexandra Heinzmann Alexandra Heinzmann
as kräftiges Mädchen
Magdalena Skopec Magdalena Skopec
as Luise
Stella Grossmann Stella Grossmann
as Sabine
Lenny Den Dooven Lenny Den Dooven
as Robin Jr.
Thalia Neumann Thalia Neumann
as süßes Mädchen
Erdal Yildiz Erdal Yildiz
as Attila
Inge Heitmann Inge Heitmann
as Gerti
Irene Rindje Irene Rindje
as Knastleherin
Silke Nikowski Silke Nikowski
as Lehrerin Alrun
Ursula Berlinghof Ursula Berlinghof
as Lehrerin Frau Eschmüller
Barbara Bauer Barbara Bauer
as Lehrerin Frau Bankowsky
Laura Osswald Laura Osswald
as Kindergärtnerin
Bärbel Stolz Bärbel Stolz
as Mutter im Schwimmbad
Jochen Strodthoff Jochen Strodthoff
as Bauer Kalle
Talin Lopez Talin Lopez
as Kai
Sabine Menne Sabine Menne
as Mutter bei Ampel
Gunnar Baginski Gunnar Baginski
as Udo
David Golm David Golm
as Ronny
Pia Niedermeier Pia Niedermeier
as Sheila
Kim Girschner Kim Girschner
as Gast in Tabledancebar
Fabian Elias Huber Fabian Elias Huber
as Peter Parker
Philipp Klonowski Philipp Klonowski
as Schüler bei Theateraufführung
Ferdinand Lehmann Ferdinand Lehmann
as Talent 1
Lena Schömann Lena Schömann
Martin Moszkowicz Martin Moszkowicz
Executive Producer
Christian Becker Christian Becker
Bora Dağtekin Bora Dağtekin
Bora Dağtekin Bora Dağtekin
Michael Beckmann Michael Beckmann
Charles Ladmiral Charles Ladmiral
Zaz Montana Zaz Montana
Christof Wahl Christof Wahl