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The White Storm (2013)

The White Storm (2013)

An operation against the notorious druglord in Thailand changed the destiny of a HK narcotic team- the workaholic captain lost his men and bright career; the loyal officer was abandoned and went missing; the undercover cop who was salvaged chose to walk away from the past. Several years later, a drug dealing-related crime brought them together for a final face-off.

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Nick Cheung Nick Cheung
as Wai
Lau Ching Wan Lau Ching Wan
as Ma Ho-Tin
Louis Koo Louis Koo
as Chow
Yuan Quan Yuan Quan
as Chloe Yuan
Ben Lam Ben Lam
as Hak Tsai
Ken Lo Ken Lo
as Bobby
Lo Hoi-Pang Lo Hoi-Pang
as Eight-Face Buddha
Treechada Petcharat Treechada Petcharat
as Mina Wei
Jacqueline Chan Jacqueline Chan
as Kelsey
Elanne Kong Elanne Kong
as Wai's friend
Berg Ng Ting-Yip Berg Ng Ting-Yip
as Wong Shun-Yik
Vittaya Pansingram Vittaya Pansingram
as Mr Choowit
Helena Law Lan Helena Law Lan
as Wai's mother
Xing Yu Xing Yu
as Kanit
Hugo Ng Hugo Ng
as M. D. Wong
Marc Ma Yu-He Marc Ma Yu-He
as Dune Kun
Lee Siu-Kei Lee Siu-Kei
as Informer Kei
Wong Man-Chun Wong Man-Chun
as Drug dealer
Ronald Law Kwan-Moon Ronald Law Kwan-Moon
as David
Brian Yeung Kwok-Chung Brian Yeung Kwok-Chung
as Kin
Yau Man-Shing Yau Man-Shing
as Cheng Tai-Kwan
Benny Chan Benny Chan
Anthony Pun Anthony Pun
Director of Photography
Benny Chan Benny Chan
Manfred Wong Manfred Wong
Ling Chi-Man Ling Chi-Man
Wong Chun Wong Chun
Tam Wai-Ching Tam Wai-Ching