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Wedding Association (2013)

Wedding Association (2013)

Ismail's son, Tarik returns to his village after long years of being away and announces that he is engaged to a Latvian woman named Nugesha and although he doesn't have the means for it, Ismail still wants to be the one who pays for the expenses of the wedding. Several problems ensue as he tries to make sure that there is enough money for the wedding.

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Ahmet Kural Ahmet Kural
as Fikret
Murat Cemcir Murat Cemcir
as Çetin
Rasim Öztekin Rasim Öztekin
as Ismail
Devrim Yakut Devrim Yakut
as Hatice
Barış Yıldız Barış Yıldız
as Saffet
Ulaş Torun Ulaş Torun
as Tarık
Şinasi Yurtsever Şinasi Yurtsever
as Yılmaz
Zerrin Sümer Zerrin Sümer
as Şengül Teyze
Erol Aksoy Erol Aksoy
as Nazmi Amca
Sırrı Süreyya Önder Sırrı Süreyya Önder
as Sivas Otel Sahibi
Kemal Inci Kemal Inci
as Ishak
Reyhan Ilhan Reyhan Ilhan
as Hamiyet
Emel Sayın Emel Sayın
as Herself
Arda Aktolga Arda Aktolga
as Translator
Ahmet Akyavuz Ahmet Akyavuz
as Keeper of Coffeehouse
Basri Albayrak Basri Albayrak
as Cami Hocasi
Adem Atbas Adem Atbas
as Davulcu Davut
Toygun Ates Toygun Ates
as Molla Dede
Selçuk Aydemir Selçuk Aydemir
as Kinyas
Ender Balkir Ender Balkir
as Wedding Singer
Jelena Bozic Jelena Bozic
as Marika
Osman Cemcir Osman Cemcir
as Çetin's Father
Açalya Samyeli Danoglu Açalya Samyeli Danoglu
as Girl in the Lobby
Lelde Dreimane Lelde Dreimane
as Bridesmaid
Ezgi Duman Ezgi Duman
as Tourism Professional
Muhammet Burak Erdogan Muhammet Burak Erdogan
as Marika's Brother
Ertugrul Gültekin Ertugrul Gültekin
as Apprentice of Gas-Bottlesman
Sait Gür Sait Gür
as Hotel Valet
Cafer S. Hadimioglu Cafer S. Hadimioglu
as Gendarmerie Commander
Korhan Herduran Korhan Herduran
as Kuyumcu
Ali Kabalak Ali Kabalak
as Tourism Professional
Murat Karakoç Murat Karakoç
as Tourism Professional
Adem Kaya Adem Kaya
as Keeper of Coffeehouse
Binnur Kaya Binnur Kaya
Tugçe Kursunoglu Tugçe Kursunoglu
as Girl in the Lobby
Yeliz Kuvancı Yeliz Kuvancı
as Banka Memuru
Rihards Lepers Rihards Lepers
as Victors
Toms Liepājnieks Toms Liepājnieks
as Marcus
Semih Olgunöz Semih Olgunöz
as Paperboy
Berat Efe Parlar Berat Efe Parlar
as Child
Cemil Sahin Cemil Sahin
as Cami Görevlisi
Burak Satibol Burak Satibol
as Beyaz Esyaci
Juris Strenga Juris Strenga
as Latvian Grandfather
Muhammet Süt Muhammet Süt
as Marika's Brother
Feramuz Tanriverdi Feramuz Tanriverdi
as Marriage Officer
Olgun Toker Olgun Toker
as Hotel Security
Kebire Tokur Kebire Tokur
as Foster-mother
Özgür Marius Toma Özgür Marius Toma
as Marcus's Man
Zehra Tosun Zehra Tosun
as Tourism Professional
Nazlı Tosunoğlu Nazlı Tosunoğlu
Ahmet Ugurluer Ahmet Ugurluer
as Marcus's Man
Vedat Uyar Vedat Uyar
as Wrecked Cab Driver
Erol Yavan Erol Yavan
as Emel Sayin Manager
Kadir Yazici Kadir Yazici
as Landlord of Beautiful House
Ayhan Yildiz Ayhan Yildiz
as Young Man in the Wedding
Zeynel Ozan Çabuk Zeynel Ozan Çabuk
as Minibus Driver
Bayram Önal Bayram Önal
as Gendarmerie Officer
Selçuk Aydemir Selçuk Aydemir
Selçuk Aydemir Selçuk Aydemir
Necati Akpınar Necati Akpınar
Birkan Pusa Birkan Pusa
Fatmanur Sevinç Fatmanur Sevinç
Executive Producer
Aytekin Ataş Aytekin Ataş
Türksoy Gölebeyi Türksoy Gölebeyi
Director of Photography
Çagri Türkkan Çagri Türkkan
Sevda Türk Sevda Türk
Veli Kahraman Veli Kahraman
Art Direction
Derya Derya
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Attila Türkantöz Attila Türkantöz
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Derya Ergün Derya Ergün
Costume & Make-Up
Makeup & Hair
Mehmet Tekin Mehmet Tekin
Costume & Make-Up
Erkan Gultekin Erkan Gultekin
Production Manager
Can Oylek Can Oylek
Assistant Director
Yunus Emre Yurtseven Yunus Emre Yurtseven
Standby Art Director

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