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Mommy (2014)

Mommy (2014)

Loving people doesn't save them

A peculiar neighbor offers hope to a recent widow who is struggling to raise a teenager who is unpredictable and, sometimes, violent.

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Anne Dorval Anne Dorval
as Diane 'Die' Després
Suzanne Clément Suzanne Clément
as Kyla
Antoine-Olivier Pilon Antoine-Olivier Pilon
as Steve O'Connor Després
Patrick Huard Patrick Huard
as Paul
Alexandre Goyette Alexandre Goyette
as Patrick
Michèle Lituac Michèle Lituac
as Directrice du centre correctionnel
Viviane Pascal Viviane Pascal
as Marthe
Natalie Hamel-Roy Natalie Hamel-Roy
as Natacha
Isabelle Nélisse Isabelle Nélisse
as Fille de Kyla
Ted Pluviose Ted Pluviose
as Chauffeur de taxi
Pierre-Yves Cardinal Pierre-Yves Cardinal
as Garde de sécurité
Reda Guerinik Reda Guerinik
as Garde de sécurité
Justin Laramée Justin Laramée
as Garde de sécurité
Sabrina Bisson Sabrina Bisson
as DJ Karaoké
Huguette Gervais Huguette Gervais
as Calssière librairie
Vincent Fafard Vincent Fafard
as Joueur de billard
Jean-Philippe Baril-Guérard Jean-Philippe Baril-Guérard
as Joueur de billard
Dominic Desnoyers Dominic Desnoyers
as Joueur de billard
Guenièvre Sandré Guenièvre Sandré
as Copine joueurs de billard
Isabeau Blanche Isabeau Blanche
as Copine joueurs de billard
Catherine Brunet Catherine Brunet
as Jeune barmaid
Johanne Garneau Johanne Garneau
as Vieille barmaid
Michael Rudder Michael Rudder
as Huissier
Robin-Joël Cool Robin-Joël Cool
as Docteur
Guillaume Laurin Guillaume Laurin
as Infirmier
Mathieu Dufresne Mathieu Dufresne
as Ambulancier
Stéphane Julien Stéphane Julien
as Conducteur Jeep
Julie De Lafrenière Julie De Lafrenière
as Réceptionniste
Sylvie Lemay Sylvie Lemay
as Caissière banque
Danielle Lepine Danielle Lepine
as Femme au foyer
Jeanne Roux-Cote Jeanne Roux-Cote
as Femme de Steve
Rosalie Fortier Rosalie Fortier
as Petite amie de Steve
Stéphane Lefebvre Stéphane Lefebvre
as Coordonnateur de cascades
Nancy Bouchard Nancy Bouchard
as Doublure Diane Després
Mike Chute Mike Chute
as Doublure conducteur Jeep
Steven Chevrin Steven Chevrin
as Older Steve
Xavier Dolan Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan Xavier Dolan
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Xavier Dolan Xavier Dolan
Nancy Grant Nancy Grant
André Turpin André Turpin
Director of Photography
Noia Noia
Original Music Composer
Colombe Raby Colombe Raby
Art Direction
Sylvain Corbeil Sylvain Corbeil
Associate Producer
Lyse Lafontaine Lyse Lafontaine
Associate Producer
Jean-Charles Claveau Jean-Charles Claveau
Set Decoration
Pascale Deschênes Pascale Deschênes
Set Decoration
Colette Martel Colette Martel
Costume & Make-Up
Key Hair Stylist
Rocco Stallone Rocco Stallone
Costume & Make-Up
Maïna Militza Maïna Militza
Costume & Make-Up
Key Makeup Artist
Sylvain Brassard Sylvain Brassard
Sound Designer
Sylvain Brassard Sylvain Brassard
Sound Mixer
Benoît Dame Benoît Dame
Sound Editor