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The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)

The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)

They came from the best of families. And they committed the worst of crimes.

The true story of a disillusioned military contractor employee and his drug pusher childhood friend who became walk-in spies for the Soviet Union.

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Timothy Hutton Timothy Hutton
as Christopher Boyce
Sean Penn Sean Penn
as Daulton Lee
Pat Hingle Pat Hingle
as Mr. Charlie Boyce
Joyce Van Patten Joyce Van Patten
as Mrs. Boyce
Rob Reed Rob Reed
as Boyce Child
Art Camacho Art Camacho
as Boyce Child
Richard Dysart Richard Dysart
as Dr. Lee
Priscilla Pointer Priscilla Pointer
as Mrs. Lee
Chris Makepeace Chris Makepeace
as David Lee
Dorian Harewood Dorian Harewood
as Gene
Mady Kaplan Mady Kaplan
as Laurie
Macon McCalman Macon McCalman
as Larry Rogers
Jerry Hardin Jerry Hardin
as Tony Owens
Nicholas Pryor Nicholas Pryor
as Eddie
Betty Lou Henson Betty Lou Henson
as Debra
Stanley Grover Stanley Grover
as NSA Inspector
Bob Arbogast Bob Arbogast
as Guard
David Suchet David Suchet
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Boris Leskin Boris Leskin
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Anatoli Davydov Anatoli Davydov
as Guard
Lori Singer Lori Singer
as Lana
Jennifer Runyon Jennifer Runyon
as Carole
Daniel McDonald Daniel McDonald
as Clay
Marvin J. McIntyre Marvin J. McIntyre
as Ike
Sam Ingraffia Sam Ingraffia
as Kenny Kahn
Tom Nolan Tom Nolan
as Undercover Cop
James Hardie James Hardie
as Police Interrogator
Burke Byrnes Burke Byrnes
as U.S. Customs Official
Michael Ironside Michael Ironside
as FBI Agent
Bob Nelson Bob Nelson
as FBI Agent
Valerie Wildman Valerie Wildman
as U.S. Embassy Official
Guillermo Ríos Guillermo Ríos
as Drug Dealer
Annie Kozuch Annie Kozuch
as Boyce Child
George C. Grant George C. Grant
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Vic Polizos Vic Polizos
as FBI Interrogator
Drew Snyder Drew Snyder
as FBI Interrogator
Arthur Taxier Arthur Taxier
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Philip Corey Philip Corey
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Martha Campos Martha Campos
as Carmen
Herbie Wallace Herbie Wallace
as Pet Shop Owner
Steven Miller Steven Miller
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Jeff Seyfried Jeff Seyfried
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Steve Duffy Steve Duffy
as Barman
Carlos Romano Carlos Romano
as Insp. Estevez
George Belanger George Belanger
as U.S. Vice Consul
Leopoldo Francés Leopoldo Francés
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Abel Franco Abel Franco
as Interrogator
Raúl Martínez Raúl Martínez
as Mexican Police Sergeant
Jaime Garza Jaime Garza
as Raul
Roger Cudney Roger Cudney
as FBI Agent
Richard Masur Richard Masur
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John Ratzenberger John Ratzenberger
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John Sabol John Sabol
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John Schlesinger John Schlesinger
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Steven Zaillian Steven Zaillian
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