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Miss Hokusai (2015)

Miss Hokusai (2015)

The time: 1814. The place: Edo, now known as Tokyo. A much accomplished artist of his time and now in his mid-fifties, Tetsuzo can boast clients from all over Japan, and tirelessly works in the garbage-loaded chaos of his house-atelier. He spends his days creating astounding pieces of art, from a giant-size Bodhidharma portrayed on a 180 square meter-wide sheet of paper, to a pair of sparrows painted on a tiny rice grain. Third of Tetsuzo's four daughters and born out of his second marriage, outspoken 23-year-old O-Ei has inherited her father's talent and stubbornness, and very often she would paint instead of him, though uncredited. Her art is so powerful that sometimes leads to trouble. "We're father and daughter; with two brushes and four chopsticks, I guess we can always manage, in a way or another."

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Anne Watanabe Anne Watanabe
as O-Ei (voice)
Kumiko Aso Kumiko Aso
as Sayogoromo (voice)
Gaku Hamada Gaku Hamada
as Ikeda Zenjirô (voice)
Kengo Kora Kengo Kora
as Utagawa Kuninao (voice)
Yutaka Matsushige Yutaka Matsushige
as Katsushika Hokusai (voice)
Jun Miho Jun Miho
as Koto (voice)
Shion Shimizu Shion Shimizu
as O-Nao (voice)
Danshun Tatekawa Danshun Tatekawa
as Manjidô (voice)
Michitaka Tsutsui Michitaka Tsutsui
as Iwakubo Hatsugorô (voice)
Miyu Irino Miyu Irino
as Kichiya (voice)
Keiji Fujiwara Keiji Fujiwara
as Samurai / Bird Dealer (voice)
Akiko Yajima Akiko Yajima
as Child of a Tea Room (voice)
Ayako Takeuchi Ayako Takeuchi
as Geisha (voice)
Keiichi Hara Keiichi Hara
Hinako Sugiura Hinako Sugiura
Miho Maruo Miho Maruo