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The Forbidden Dimensions (2013)

The Forbidden Dimensions (2013)

Jack Slade was born during a solar eclipse in the year 1980. 18 years later, he finds out he has the ability to travel into the future. He projects himself into the year 2035, where society has been destroyed by a fascist regiment of psychopathic doctors that rule the wastelands, creating deformed mutants with a serum synthesized from the flesh of dead aliens. Now Slade must travel back to the year 1998 to destroy a device known as the wavelength generator, which opened the dimensional gateways to these alien beings. With the help of an army of female outlaws and a sleazy detective, Slade re-connects with the star child Khadijah, who holds the key to stopping these tragic events from ever taking place.

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Brittany O'Neil Brittany O'Neil
as Kronos Scientist
Kyle Morris Kyle Morris
as Jack Slade
Al Ridenour Al Ridenour
as Doctor
Carl Crew Carl Crew
as Pastor John
Christopher James Miller Christopher James Miller
as Gristle / Tracker
Amy Daly Amy Daly
as Alien
Al Gomez Al Gomez
as Kronos Executive
Kalise Wallace Kalise Wallace
as Noose
Steven Briggs Steven Briggs
as Duct Factory Creature
Erin Blaisdell Erin Blaisdell
as Pez
Jamie Lawrence Jamie Lawrence
as Jack's Ex-Girlfriend
Kit Bateman Kit Bateman
as Junior
Jamie Katonic Jamie Katonic
as Khadijah
Hart D. Fisher Hart D. Fisher
as Bounty Hunter
Lisa Thayer Lisa Thayer
as Jack's Mother
Steve Dorfman Steve Dorfman
as Dr. Klaus von Watson
Todd Brown Todd Brown
as Detective Giger
Logan Horberg Logan Horberg
as Bruno
Sean Stearley Sean Stearley
as Bill
Clifford Lee Clifford Lee
as Bounty Hunter
Karey Miller Karey Miller
as Mutant
Brian Hendrick Brian Hendrick
as Dill
Kaneda Kent Kaneda Kent
as Eddie
Curtis Gropp Curtis Gropp
as Wasteland Tower Guard
Alexander I. Abbott Alexander I. Abbott
as Mutant
James M. Ryan James M. Ryan
as Mutant
Mark McGarrey Mark McGarrey
as Dr. Shector
Veronica Tarlitz Veronica Tarlitz
as Filth
James Roberts James Roberts
as Mutant
Auriana-Lynn Auriana-Lynn
as Nurse
Robert Diaz Leroy Robert Diaz Leroy
as Shaman
Patricia Robinson Patricia Robinson
as Victim
Sofie Thornton Sofie Thornton
as Mutant
Justin Apone Justin Apone
as Vagrant
Olivia Sky Abbott Olivia Sky Abbott
as Orion
Christopher James Miller Christopher James Miller
Christopher James Miller Christopher James Miller
Warren Abbott Warren Abbott
Executive Producer
Robert Diaz Leroy Robert Diaz Leroy
Veronica Tarlitz Veronica Tarlitz
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Christopher James Miller Christopher James Miller
Bryan Alexander Bryan Alexander
Christopher James Miller Christopher James Miller

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