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Hippocrates (2014)

Hippocrates (2014)

Diary of a French Doctor

Benjamin is meant to be a great doctor, he’s certain of it. But his first experience as a junior doctor in the hospital ward where his father works doesn’t turn out the way he hoped it would. Responsibility is overwhelming, his father is all but present, and his co-junior partner, a foreign doctor, is far more experimented than he is. This internship will force Benjamin to confront his limits… and start his way to adulthood.

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Vincent Lacoste Vincent Lacoste
as Benjamin
Reda Kateb Reda Kateb
as Abdel Rezzak
Jacques Gamblin Jacques Gamblin
as Le professeur Barois
Marianne Denicourt Marianne Denicourt
as Dr. Denormandy
Félix Moati Félix Moati
as Stéphane
Carole Franck Carole Franck
as Myriam
Philippe Rebbot Philippe Rebbot
as Guy
Julie Brochen Julie Brochen
as Mme Lemoine
Jeanne Cellard Jeanne Cellard
as Madame Richard
Thierry Levaret Thierry Levaret
as Monsieur Lemoine, dit Tsunami
Rafik Ben Mebarek Rafik Ben Mebarek
as Aide-soignant brancard
Josée Laprun Josée Laprun
as Lingère hôpital 1
Zohra Benali Zohra Benali
as Koka
Juliette Aoudia Juliette Aoudia
as Juliette
Luc Leclerc du Sablon Luc Leclerc du Sablon
as Patient ponction
Juliette Navis Juliette Navis
as Karine
Erwan Laurent Erwan Laurent
as Manu
Paul-Antoine Chenoz Paul-Antoine Chenoz
as Polo
Fanny Sidney Fanny Sidney
as Estelle
Johann Dionnet Johann Dionnet
as Yohann
Martine Schambacher Martine Schambacher
as Josy
Orian Castano Orian Castano
as Arthur Lemoine
Viviana Del Carmen Verdugo Viviana Del Carmen Verdugo
as Viviana
Leticia Gutiérrez Leticia Gutiérrez
as Leticia
Alain Dzukam Simo Alain Dzukam Simo
as Banik
Tiphaine Daviot Tiphaine Daviot
as Jeanne
José Luis Roig José Luis Roig
as José Luis
Beata Nilska Beata Nilska
as Beata
Alexandra Padilha Alexandra Padilha
as Padi
Mohamed Nouar Mohamed Nouar
as Nadir
Hanane Belhouari Hanane Belhouari
as Hanane
Jenny Mutela Jenny Mutela
as Secrétaire Barois
Thierry Gary Thierry Gary
as Fils Madame Richard
Isalinde Giovangigli Isalinde Giovangigli
as Fille Madame Richard
Cathy Bodet Cathy Bodet
as Cathy
Sylvie Lachat Sylvie Lachat
as Surveillante-générale
Cécile Bouillot Cécile Bouillot
as Assistante sociale
Frédéric Cuif Frédéric Cuif
as Le patient alcoolique
Mustapha Abourachid Mustapha Abourachid
as Le réanimateur
Flavie Barret Flavie Barret
as Flavie
Charlotte Speciel Charlotte Speciel
as Pauline
Bertrand Constant Bertrand Constant
as Riou
Christophe Odent Christophe Odent
as Professeur Truelle
Fabrice Delorme Fabrice Delorme
as Barman
Laurence Masliah Laurence Masliah
as Mère de Benjamin (voice)
Marie Bouvier Marie Bouvier
as Secrétaire de l'accueil
Lionel Le Prévost Lionel Le Prévost
as Agent sécurité
Christiane Oui-Oui Christiane Oui-Oui
as Femme de ménage
Kadi Diarra Kadi Diarra
as Lingère hôpital 2
Séphora Haymann Séphora Haymann
as Infirmière hôpital 2
Thomas Lilti Thomas Lilti
Pierre Chosson Pierre Chosson
Scenario Writer
Baya Kasmi Baya Kasmi
Scenario Writer
Julien Lilti Julien Lilti
Scenario Writer
Thomas Lilti Thomas Lilti
Scenario Writer
Emmanuel Barraux Emmanuel Barraux
Agnès Vallée Agnès Vallée
Alexandre Lier Alexandre Lier
Sylvain Ohrel Sylvain Ohrel
Nicolas Weil Nicolas Weil
Christel Dewynter Christel Dewynter
Julie Navarro Julie Navarro
Thomas Lilti Thomas Lilti
Nicolas Gaurin Nicolas Gaurin
Director of Photography