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Why I Did (Not) Eat My Father (2015)

Why I Did (Not) Eat My Father (2015)

These feet are made for walkin'

Based on the novel 'Evolution Man' by Roy Lewis, this tells the story about the first man - young Edward - to descend from apes. Edward is ejected by his tribe, but is very resourceful. He learns to walk, discovers fire, manages to hunt - and we follow him as he evolves. He has a generous nature, and search for true humanity - a world where we don't eat our fathers.

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  • Kendall Kovats says :

    god bless u, i could finally watch this movie

  • Herschel Herzberg says :

    Now finished watching the movie. Thanks a whole lot for uploading this!

  • Merlin Mcdonnell says :

    Slightly slow initially but definitely worth the watch.

  • Casie Christopherso says :

    Hope this video lives up for the most of the hype

Jamel Debbouze Jamel Debbouze
as Edouard (voice)
Arié Elmaleh Arié Elmaleh
as Ian (voice)
Mélissa Theuriau Mélissa Theuriau
as Lucie (voice)
Patrice Thibaud Patrice Thibaud
as Vladimir / Sergey (voice)
Christian Hecq Christian Hecq
as Simeon (voice)
Dioucounda Koma Dioucounda Koma
as Vania
Adrien Antoine Adrien Antoine
as Vania (voice)
Georgette Kala-Lobé Georgette Kala-Lobé
as La sorcière
Nathalie Homs Nathalie Homs
as La sorcière (voice)
Youssef Hajdi Youssef Hajdi
as Marcel (voice)
Johanna Hilaire Johanna Hilaire
as Gudule (voice)
Dorothée Pousséo Dorothée Pousséo
as Myrtille (voice)
Charlotte Des Georges Charlotte Des Georges
as Fleura / Victoire (voice)
Enzo Ratsito Enzo Ratsito
as Diego (voice)
Cyril Casmèze Cyril Casmèze
as Hubert (voice)
Dominique Magloire Dominique Magloire
as Mamacita (voice)
D'Jal D'Jal
as Le Portugais préhistorique (voice)
Jamel Debbouze Jamel Debbouze
Jamel Debbouze Jamel Debbouze
Scenario Writer
Frédéric Fougea Frédéric Fougea
Scenario Writer