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Leopardi (2014)

Leopardi (2014)

A luminously beautiful biopic of the celebrated eighteenth-century Italian poet, essayist and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi, who created immortal verse whilst struggling with a debilitating illness.

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    Somewhat slow in the beginning but well worth the watch.

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    I always wanted to watch this movie! Best wishes a great deal for sharing this kind of funny thing! \(^-^)/

Elio Germano Elio Germano
as Giacomo Leopardi
Michele Riondino Michele Riondino
as Antonio Ranieri
Massimo Popolizio Massimo Popolizio
as Monaldo Leopardi
Anna Mouglalis Anna Mouglalis
as Fanny Targioni-Tozzetti
Valerio Binasco Valerio Binasco
as Pietro Giordani
Paolo Graziosi Paolo Graziosi
as Carlo Antici
Iaia Forte Iaia Forte
as signora Rosa
Sandro Lombardi Sandro Lombardi
as don Vincenzo
Edoardo Natoli Edoardo Natoli
as Carlo Leopardi
Isabella Ragonese Isabella Ragonese
as Paolina Leopardi
Federica De Cola Federica De Cola
as Paolina Ranieri
Giorgia Salari Giorgia Salari
as Maddalena Pelzet
Gloria Ghergo Gloria Ghergo
as Teresa Fattorini ("Silvia")
Vanni Leopardi Vanni Leopardi
as cocchiere
Franco Javarone Franco Javarone
as Ginardo
Raffaella Giordano Raffaella Giordano
as Adelaide Antici Leopardi
Sergio Albelli Sergio Albelli
as Signor Lenzoni
Giovanni Ludeno Giovanni Ludeno
as Pasquale Ignarra
Eugenio Allegri Eugenio Allegri
as Gian Pietro Viesseux
Fernando Beccaceci Fernando Beccaceci
as Maggiordomo
Salvatore Cantalupo Salvatore Cantalupo
Renato Carpentieri Renato Carpentieri
Gino De Luca Gino De Luca
as Don Isidoro
Pio del Prete Pio del Prete
as gendarme
Denis Fasolo Denis Fasolo
as Niccolò Tommaseo
Federico Fazioli Federico Fazioli
as Filippo Solari
Tiberio Fiori Tiberio Fiori
as Maniscalco
Veronica Lazar Veronica Lazar
as Marianna Mattei Antici
Valter Malosti Valter Malosti
as Ferdinando Pelzet
Nello Mascia Nello Mascia
as Dottor Mannella
Enzo Moscato Enzo Moscato
as Sacerdote
Danilo Nigrelli Danilo Nigrelli
as Giovanni Battista Niccolini
Kostas Papanastasiou Kostas Papanastasiou
as Margasis
Enzo Salomone Enzo Salomone
as Monsignor Cupis
Mattia Sbragia Mattia Sbragia
as Barone De Corbis
Luciana Zazzera Luciana Zazzera
as Ostessa
Angela Di Matteo Angela Di Matteo
as Prostituta 1
Roberto Di Pietro Roberto Di Pietro
as Bottegaio
Carlo Falciani Carlo Falciani
as Editore
Jurij Ferrini Jurij Ferrini
Demi Licata Demi Licata
as prostituta 2
Mario Martone Mario Martone
Mario Martone Mario Martone
Carlo Degli Esposti Carlo Degli Esposti
Patrizia Massa Patrizia Massa
Renato Berta Renato Berta
Director of Photography