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Colt 45 (2014)

Colt 45 (2014)

If your nature is fire, it is the law, you will burn

Vincent Miles, a gunsmith and shooting instructor at the National Police, is an expert in combat shooting who stubbornly refuses to join a field brigade, a choice which their colleagues do not understand. When he meets Milo Cardena, a mysterious and skilled cop, his life changes in such way that he cannot ignore his true nature anymore.

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Gérard Lanvin Gérard Lanvin
as Commander Christian Chavez
JoeyStarr JoeyStarr
as Milo Cardena
Alice Taglioni Alice Taglioni
as Captain Isabelle Lefranc
Ymanol Perset Ymanol Perset
as Vincent Miles
Simon Abkarian Simon Abkarian
as Commander Luc Denard
Antoine Basler Antoine Basler
as Lieutenant Joseph Fleischmann
Jo Prestia Jo Prestia
as Marco
Salem Kali Salem Kali
as Mehdi
Michel Ferracci Michel Ferracci
as Michel
Alexandre Brasseur Alexandre Brasseur
as Commander Martial Ricaud
Philippe Nahon Philippe Nahon
as Police Prefect Pradier
Anton Yakovlev Anton Yakovlev
as Ange Carmini
Amr Waked Amr Waked
as Baron
Malek Oudjail Malek Oudjail
as Malek
Redouane Behache Redouane Behache
as Tarek Derkaoui
Aymen Saïdi Aymen Saïdi
as Kais Derkaoui
Denis Braccini Denis Braccini
as Nicolaï
Michaël Vander-Meiren Michaël Vander-Meiren
as Moïse
Philippe Petit Philippe Petit
as Pierre
Christophe Ntakabanyura Christophe Ntakabanyura
as The Contact
Moussa Mansaly Moussa Mansaly
as Young Man
Gérard Watkins Gérard Watkins
as Calhoun
Mick Gould Mick Gould
as Staff Sergeant Duke
Richard Sammel Richard Sammel
as Major
Mikaela Fisher Mikaela Fisher
as Mika
Fabrice Du Welz Fabrice Du Welz
Fabrice Du Welz Fabrice Du Welz
Fabrice Du Welz Fabrice Du Welz
Fathi Beddiar Fathi Beddiar
Scenario Writer
Julien Arnoux Julien Arnoux
Sébastien Delloye Sébastien Delloye
Daniel Delume Daniel Delume
Executive Producer
Thomas Langmann Thomas Langmann
Emmanuel Montamat Emmanuel Montamat
Hervé Jakubowicz Hervé Jakubowicz
Benoît Debie Benoît Debie
Director of Photography
Benjamin Shielden Benjamin Shielden
Original Music Composer
Fathi Beddiar Fathi Beddiar
Sandrine Jarron Sandrine Jarron
Art Direction
Alexis Place Alexis Place
Sound Designer