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Dragon Blade (2015)

Dragon Blade (2015)

When the Eagle meets the Dragon

Huo An, the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions, was framed by evil forces and becomes enslaved. On the other hand, a Roman general escapes to China after rescuing the Prince. The heroic duo meet in the Western Desert and a thrilling story unfolds.

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Jackie Chan Jackie Chan
as Huo Han
John Cusack John Cusack
as Lucius
Adrien Brody Adrien Brody
as Tiberius
Sharni Vinson Sharni Vinson
as The Queen
Benny Urquidez Benny Urquidez
Kevin Lee Kevin Lee
as Roman Soldier
Raiden Integra Raiden Integra
as Roman Soldier
Tomer Oz Tomer Oz
as Huo An General
Alfred Hsing Alfred Hsing
as Han Soldier
Choi Si-won Choi Si-won
Max Huang Max Huang
as Shou Xia
Paul Philip Clark Paul Philip Clark
as General Doramis
Lorie Pester Lorie Pester
as La Reine Perse
Joel Adrian Joel Adrian
as General Statius
Joel Adrian Joel Adrian
as General Sertor
Harry Oram Harry Oram
as General Statius
Kyle Shapiro Kyle Shapiro
as Roman Captain
Jonathan Paulson Jonathan Paulson
as Roman Soldier
Vander McLeod Vander McLeod
as Scar Face Centurion
Philippe Joly Philippe Joly
as Lucius' deputy Paullus
Faith Ugurlu Faith Ugurlu
as Roman General
Danny Salay Danny Salay
as Roman General
Pierre Bourdaud Pierre Bourdaud
as Roman Soldier
Jai Day Jai Day
as Deputy Gaius
Murray Clive Walker Murray Clive Walker
as Patrick
Emrah Yilmaz Emrah Yilmaz
as Kroraina
Danny Cameron Danny Cameron
as Roman Soldier
Kyle Cameron Kyle Cameron
as Roman Soldier
Kyle Andrew MacNeil Kyle Andrew MacNeil
as Roman Soldier
Daniel P. Cameron Daniel P. Cameron
as Ruthless Roman Soldier
Miroslav Karel Miroslav Karel
as Roman Soldier
J.J. Demiannay J.J. Demiannay
as Roman Soldier
Alexander Corne Alexander Corne
as Roman Soldier
James Lee Guy James Lee Guy
as Eugene
Will Lefebvre Will Lefebvre
as Roman Soldier
Lin Peng Lin Peng
as Cold Moon
Steve Yoo Steve Yoo
as Cougar
Choi Si-won Choi Si-won
as Yin Po
Ned Bellamy Ned Bellamy
as Octavius
Jozef Waite Jozef Waite
as Publius
Daniel Lee Daniel Lee
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan
Susanna Tsang Susanna Tsang
Henry Lai Henry Lai
Jia Neng Huang Jia Neng Huang
Art Direction
Daniel Lee Daniel Lee
Tony Cheng Tony Cheng
Director of Photography
Phyllis Cheng Phyllis Cheng
Sound Designer
Charles Chao-Hua Lee Charles Chao-Hua Lee
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor
He Jun He Jun
Stunt Coordinator

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