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Ivy (2015)

Ivy (2015)

After months without pay, the already disgruntled crew on a Turkish cargo ship arrives in an Egyptian port and learns that the Port Authority is foreclosing on them. Ordered to anchor offshore, the remaining skeleton crew has their passports seized and must maintain the vessel until its owner’s debts are paid. Tensions quickly arise between the authoritarian Cypriot captain, his devoutly religious second-in-command, an affable cook, and a trio of newcomers to the ship—a pair of druggie ne’er-do-wells and the near-mute, hulking Kurd. As months pass, food and entertainment dwindle, alliances shift, and the men take out their raw frustration on one another.

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Comments List

  • Theodore Torgerson says :

    love this movie

  • Stan Schlosser says :

    A bit slow initially but worth the watch.

  • Dalila Derosia says :

    appreciate it sooooo much for uploading this!!!!!

  • Monnie Mcamis says :

    Rather slow at the beginning but definitely worth the watch.

Nadir Sarıbacak Nadir Sarıbacak
as Cenk
Özgür Emre Yildirim Özgür Emre Yildirim
as Alper
Hakan Karsak Hakan Karsak
as Nadir
Osman Alkas Osman Alkas
as Beybaba
Kadir Cermik Kadir Cermik
as Ismail
Seyithan Özdemir Seyithan Özdemir
as Kürt
Baki Kurtuluş Baki Kurtuluş
as Denizci
Ömer Acar Ömer Acar
as Efendi Kaptan
Çagdas Onur Öztürk Çagdas Onur Öztürk
as Denizci
Tolga Karaçelik Tolga Karaçelik
Tolga Karaçelik Tolga Karaçelik
Bilge Elif Turhan Bilge Elif Turhan
Ahmet Kenan Bilgic Ahmet Kenan Bilgic
Gökhan Tiryaki Gökhan Tiryaki
Director of Photography
Evren Lus Evren Lus
Harika Uygur Harika Uygur
Johannes Mewes Johannes Mewes
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor
Peter Sandmann Peter Sandmann

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