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Next Year (2014)

Next Year (2014)

Clotilde and Aude are 18. They have always been best friends, growing up together in the same small village in the South of France. Despite their differences, they have a strong and exclusive friendship. With their contrasts they attract each other, and they seem to be enough for one another. But Clotilde, looking for something else, decides to leave to study in Paris the following year, after the baccalaureate. She takes Aude along with her in this departure far from their roots. Refusing to admit that their paths are separating little by little, Clotilde and Aude persuade themselves that their friendship can survive anything.

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Constance Rousseau Constance Rousseau
as Clotilde
Jenna Thiam Jenna Thiam
as Aude
Julien Boisselier Julien Boisselier
as Sebastien
Kevin Azais Kevin Azais
as Stéphane
Frédéric Pierrot Frédéric Pierrot
as Bertrand
Aylin Yay Aylin Yay
as Mme Feirrara
Anne Coesens Anne Coesens
as Ariane
Esteban Carvajal-Alegria Esteban Carvajal-Alegria
Vania Leturcq Vania Leturcq
Vania Leturcq Vania Leturcq
Christophe Morand Christophe Morand
Fabrice Préel-Cléach Fabrice Préel-Cléach
Anthony Rey Anthony Rey
Valérie-Elder Fontaine Valérie-Elder Fontaine
Production Design
Virginie Surdej Virginie Surdej
Director of Photography
Nicolas Boucart Nicolas Boucart
Camera Operator
Pierre-Yves Jouette Pierre-Yves Jouette
Anaïs Guglielmetti Anaïs Guglielmetti
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design