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Ever Been to the Moon? (2015)

Ever Been to the Moon? (2015)

Giulia is thirty years old and unmarried. She has a good job which allows her to travel and lead a luxurious life in Milan and Paris. She is convinced that she has everything she needs for happiness, but after meeting Renzo, a charming Apulian farmer, Giulia understands that she's missing the most important thing in her life - true love.

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  • Theodore Torgerson says :

    Great movie, Worth to Watch! 9/10.

  • Dalila Derosia says :

    thanks a huge amount of for sharing, i have been previously looking to take this for awhile.

  • May Mouzon says :

    Thanks a lot for sharing, I enjoyed watching it.

  • Tomoko Tanksley says :

    I never expected that movie could possibly be uploaded in such a site

Liz Solari Liz Solari
as Giulia
Raoul Bova Raoul Bova
as Renzo
Simone Dell'Anna Simone Dell'Anna
as Tony
Giulia Michelini Giulia Michelini
as Carola
Pietro Sermonti Pietro Sermonti
as Marco
Dino Abbrescia Dino Abbrescia
as Dino
Nino Frassica Nino Frassica
as Oderzo
Sabrina Impacciatore Sabrina Impacciatore
as Mara
Neri Marcorè Neri Marcorè
as Pino
Rolando Ravello Rolando Ravello
as Paolo
Sergio Rubini Sergio Rubini
as Delfo
Emilio Solfrizzi Emilio Solfrizzi
as Felice
Anna Rezan Anna Rezan
as Cyntzia
Mia Benedetta Mia Benedetta
as Bernadette
Paolo Sassanelli Paolo Sassanelli
as Rosario
Paolo Genovese Paolo Genovese
Ivan Fiorini Ivan Fiorini
Agostino Saccà Agostino Saccà
Giuseppe Saccà Giuseppe Saccà
Maria Grazia Saccá Maria Grazia Saccá
Fabrizio Lucci Fabrizio Lucci
Director of Photography
Maurizio Filardo Maurizio Filardo
Original Music Composer
Francesco De Gregori Francesco De Gregori
Original Music Composer
Paolo Genovese Paolo Genovese
Pietro Calderoni Pietro Calderoni
Gualtiero Rosella Gualtiero Rosella

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