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Bis (2015)

Bis (2015)

Éric and Patrice have been friends since high school. Over the years, they have both taken very different paths: Éric has become a hedonist, has a string of girlfriends and is always on the look out for a new one; Patrice has become a monogamous father with a very ordered life. After a drunken evening, the two childhood friends find themselves cast back into 1986, when they were 17 years old. This return to the past is a dream opportunity to try to change the path their lives will take. What will they do with this second chance?

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Franck Dubosc Franck Dubosc
as Eric
Kad Merad Kad Merad
as Patrice
Alexandra Lamy Alexandra Lamy
as Caroline
Gérard Darmon Gérard Darmon
as Le Père de Eric
Julien Boisselier Julien Boisselier
as Le Père de Patrice
Anne Girouard Anne Girouard
as La Mère de Eric
Eléonore Bernheim Eléonore Bernheim
as La Mère de Patrice
Antonin Chalon Antonin Chalon
as Patrice ado
Fabian Wolfrom Fabian Wolfrom
as Eric ado
Eden Ducourant Eden Ducourant
as Caroline ado
Elodie Hesme Elodie Hesme
as Anne
Ariane Brodier Ariane Brodier
as Sabrina
Emeline Sannier Emeline Sannier
as Chloé
Lou Gala Lou Gala
as Stéphanie
Alix Bénézech Alix Bénézech
as Sandrine
Vladys Muller Vladys Muller
as Femme FNAC
Karine Valmer Karine Valmer
as Femme FNAC en pleurs
Anthony Sonigo Anthony Sonigo
as Loïc
Pierre Azéma Pierre Azéma
as Serveur bar
Baya Rehaz Baya Rehaz
as Serveuse Sushi Paradise 1
Elodie Menant Elodie Menant
as Serveuse Sushi Paradise 2
Nathalie Vignes Nathalie Vignes
as Femme de l'accueil des Hespérides
François Clavier François Clavier
as Eddie Barclay
Karine Lyachenko Karine Lyachenko
as La physion des Bains-Douches
Jeanne Arenes Jeanne Arenes
as Hôtesse Renn Productions
Alexia Doucet Alexia Doucet
as La copine de Caroline
Dominique Farrugia Dominique Farrugia
Nans Delgado Nans Delgado
Dominique Farrugia Dominique Farrugia
Frédéric Hazan Frédéric Hazan
Matthieu Delaporte Matthieu Delaporte
Dominique Farrugia Dominique Farrugia
Julien Rappeneau Julien Rappeneau
Alexandre de La Patellière Alexandre de La Patellière
Swan Pham Swan Pham
Rémy Chevrin Rémy Chevrin
Director of Photography
Étienne Méry Étienne Méry
Production Design
Frédérique Olszak Frédérique Olszak
Emmanuelle Youchnovski Emmanuelle Youchnovski
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Dominique Farrugia Dominique Farrugia
Dominique Brunner Dominique Brunner
Executive Producer
Julien Jaouen Julien Jaouen
Original Music Composer