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Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) (2015)

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) (2015)

Biarritz. Sixteen-year-old George, the high school hottie, falls in love with Alex. To get his attention, she initiates a group game with Alex, Nikita, Laetitia and Gabriel. They will discover, test, and push the limits of their sexuality.

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    I never expected that movie is going to be uploaded in this site

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    Rather slow at first but definitely worth the watch.

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    We appreciate your uploading this movie.Even i did fun watching it , this is incredible, this format utilizes me without having to buffer

Marilyn Lima Marilyn Lima
as George
Daisy Broom Daisy Broom
as Laetitia
Finnegan Oldfield Finnegan Oldfield
as Alex
Lorenzo Lefèbvre Lorenzo Lefèbvre
as Gabriel
Fred Hotier Fred Hotier
as Nikita
Olivia Lancelot Olivia Lancelot
as La mère de Gabriel
Manuel Husson Manuel Husson
as Le père de Gabriel
Raphaël Porcheron Raphaël Porcheron
as Le père de Laetitia
Tatiana Werner Tatiana Werner
as La mère de George
Olivier Lefebvre Olivier Lefebvre
as Le père de George
Yolande Carsin Yolande Carsin
as La prof d'espagnol
Eva Husson Eva Husson
as La prof de maths
Alexandre Perrier Alexandre Perrier
as Le prof de chimie
Gaspard-Andréas Perrier Gaspard-Andréas Perrier
as Le bébé
Patricia Husson Patricia Husson
as La mère d'Alex
Jules Cabat Jules Cabat
as Jules
Julien Gomez Julien Gomez
as Iñaki
Julien Granel Julien Granel
as Xabi
Léa Bertin Léa Bertin
as Léa
Gaïa Oliarj-Inès Gaïa Oliarj-Inès
as Gaïa
Giulia Nori Giulia Nori
as Giulia
Mathilde Cartoux Mathilde Cartoux
as Mathilde
Cécile Gallach Cécile Gallach
as Assistante sociale
Maria Romeo Maria Romeo
as Gynécologue
Lune Delachance Lune Delachance
as Infirmière 1
Murielle Meynard Murielle Meynard
as Infirmière 2
Stefan Blanco Stefan Blanco
as Infirmier
Amadou Niasse Amadou Niasse
as Danseur beatstyle
Aurore Godfroy Aurore Godfroy
as Danseuse beatstyle
Aymeric Bichon Aymeric Bichon
as Danseur beatstyle
Benjamin Lalane Benjamin Lalane
as Danseur beatstyle
Charlène Lesut-Canderatz Charlène Lesut-Canderatz
as Danseuse beatstyle
Luc Chartier Luc Chartier
as Danseur beatstyle
Manuel Guillaud Manuel Guillaud
as Danseur beatstyle
Mehdi Belkabir Mehdi Belkabir
as Danseur beatstyle
Tom DeLonge Tom DeLonge
as Danseur beatstyle
Thomas Lancereau Thomas Lancereau
as Danseur beatstyle
Wilfried Lemoine Wilfried Lemoine
as Danseur beatstyle
Eva Husson Eva Husson
Eva Husson Eva Husson
Mattias Troelstrup Mattias Troelstrup
Director of Photography
Laurent Baudens Laurent Baudens
Didar Domehri Didar Domehri
Anders Refn Anders Refn
Bahijja El Amrani Bahijja El Amrani