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Wooden Crosses (1932)

Wooden Crosses (1932)

The young and patriotic student Demachy joins the French army in 1914 to defend his country. But he and his comrades soon experience the terrifying, endless trench war in Champagne, where more and more wooden crosses have to be erected for this cannon fodder.

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Pierre Blanchar Pierre Blanchar
as Adjudant Gilbert Demachy
Gabriel Gabrio Gabriel Gabrio
as Sulphart
Charles Vanel Charles Vanel
as Caporal Breval
Antonin Artaud Antonin Artaud
as Soldat Vieublé
Paul Azaïs Paul Azaïs
as Soldat Broucke
René Bergeron René Bergeron
as Soldat Hamel
Raymond Cordy Raymond Cordy
as Soldat Vairon
Marcel Delaître Marcel Delaître
as Soldat Berthier
Jean Galland Jean Galland
as Capitaine Cruchet
Pierre Labry Pierre Labry
as Soldat Bouffioux, le cuistot
Geo Laby Geo Laby
as Soldat Belin
René Montis René Montis
as Lieutenant Morache
Jean-François Martial Jean-François Martial
as Soldat Lemoine
Marc Valbel Marc Valbel
as Maroux
Raymond Aimos Raymond Aimos
as Soldat Fouillard
Raymond Bernard Raymond Bernard
Roland Dorgelès Roland Dorgelès
Raymond Bernard Raymond Bernard
André Lang André Lang
Lucienne Grumberg Lucienne Grumberg
Jean Perrier Jean Perrier
Art Direction
Jules Kruger Jules Kruger
Director of Photography
René Ribault René Ribault
Director of Photography
Lucienne Grumberg Lucienne Grumberg
Assistant Director
Robert-Rene Masson Robert-Rene Masson
Camera Operator