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Zoolander 2 (2016)

Zoolander 2 (2016)

Long time no Z

Derek and Hansel are modelling again when an opposing company attempts to take them out from the business.

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Ben Stiller Ben Stiller
as Derek Zoolander
Owen Wilson Owen Wilson
as Hansel
Will Ferrell Will Ferrell
as Jacobim Mugatu
Penélope Cruz Penélope Cruz
as Valentina Valencia
Kristen Wiig Kristen Wiig
as Alexanya Atoz
Fred Armisen Fred Armisen
as VIP
Kyle Mooney Kyle Mooney
as Don Atari
Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich
as Katinka
Christine Taylor Christine Taylor
as Matilda Jeffries
Justin Theroux Justin Theroux
as Evil DJ
Nathan Lee Graham Nathan Lee Graham
as Todd
Cyrus Arnold Cyrus Arnold
as Derek Jr.
Billy Zane Billy Zane
as Billy Zane
Jon Daly Jon Daly
as Agent Filippo
Sting Sting
as Sting
Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch
as All
Beck Bennett Beck Bennett
as Geoff Mille (uncredited)
Jerry Stiller Jerry Stiller
as Maury Ballstein
Olivia Munn Olivia Munn
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Kanye West Kanye West
Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
as Justin Bieber
Mădălina Diana Ghenea Mădălina Diana Ghenea
as Hot Shepherdess
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
as Kim Kardashian
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande
as Latex BDSM
Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz
as Lenny Kravitz (uncredited)
Demi Lovato Demi Lovato
as Demi Lovato (uncredited)
Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland
as Kiefer Sutherland
Katy Perry Katy Perry
as Katy Perry
John Malkovich John Malkovich
as Chazz Spencer
Joe Jonas Joe Jonas
Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz
Anna Wintour Anna Wintour
as Anna Wintour
Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell
as Naomi Campbell
Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson
as Neil deGrasse Tyson
Kate Moss Kate Moss
as Kate Moss
Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Susan Boyle Susan Boyle
as Susan Boyle
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger
as Tommy Hilfiger
M.C. Hammer M.C. Hammer
as M.C. Hammer
Susan Sarandon Susan Sarandon
as Susan Sarandon (uncredited)
Alexander Skarsgård Alexander Skarsgård
as Adam
Johnny Weir Johnny Weir
as Warden
Willie Nelson Willie Nelson
as Willie Nelson
Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks
as Seductress
Andy Dick Andy Dick
as Don Atari's Posse
Rakim Mayers Rakim Mayers
as A$AP Rocky
Jourdan Dunn Jourdan Dunn
as Natalka
Ana Beatriz Barros Ana Beatriz Barros
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Mika Mika
as Mika
Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs
as Marc Jacobs
Karlie Kloss Karlie Kloss
as Eve
Alexander Wang Alexander Wang
as Alexander Wang
Valentino Valentino
Katie Couric Katie Couric
as Katie Couric
Christine Amanpour Christine Amanpour
Jane Pauley Jane Pauley
as Jane Pauley
Don Lemon Don Lemon
as Don Lemon
Matt Lauer Matt Lauer
as Matt Lauer
Andy Dick Andy Dick
Amy Stiller Amy Stiller
as Mom Tourist
Charlotte Townsend Charlotte Townsend
as Girl Tourist
Mitch Winston Mitch Winston
as Police Officer
Fabiano Di Leo Fabiano Di Leo
as 4 Year Old Derek Jr.
Mamy Camara Mamy Camara
as Nubian Princess
Haruhiko Yamanouchi Haruhiko Yamanouchi
as Wise Village Man
Antonio Te Maioha Antonio Te Maioha
as Maori Warrior
Yama Yama
as Sumo Wrestler
Moshe Kasher Moshe Kasher
as Chimney Sweep
Christine Thollefsen Christine Thollefsen
as Hot Milkmaid
Fran Mills Fran Mills
as Elfin Huntress
Pierpaolo Piccioli Pierpaolo Piccioli
as Paparazzo
Niccolò Senni Niccolò Senni
as Paparazzo
Giordana Pieri Giordana Pieri
as Don Atari's Posse
Olivier Langhendries Olivier Langhendries
as Don Atari's Posse
Antonio Calalani Antonio Calalani
as Don Atari's Posse
Alexander Schuster Alexander Schuster
as Don Atari's Posse
Bha Diop Bha Diop
as Don Atari's Posse
Taigen Kawabe Taigen Kawabe
as Don Atari's Posse
Yuki Tsuji Yuki Tsuji
as Don Atari's Posse
Kohhei Matsuda Kohhei Matsuda
as Don Atari's Posse
Monchhan Monna Monchhan Monna
as Don Atari's Posse
Franca Sozzani Franca Sozzani
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Jérôme Jarre Jérôme Jarre
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Joe Jonas Joe Jonas
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Eleonora Carisi Eleonora Carisi
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Diane Pernet Diane Pernet
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Trudie Styler Trudie Styler
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Leila Yavari Leila Yavari
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Nazanin Boniadi Nazanin Boniadi
as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee
Thiago Macedo Thiago Macedo
as Alexanya's Bodyguard
Maki Besea Maki Besea
as Alexanya's Bodyguard
Elettra Capuano Elettra Capuano
as Alexanya's Publicist
Gionata Curreri Gionata Curreri
as Fabrizio
Elga Enardu Elga Enardu
as Sexy Twin
Serena Enardu Serena Enardu
as Sexy Twin
Sissi Hou Sissi Hou
as Mysterious Snake Woman
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson Ólafur Darri Ólafsson
as Hasidic Man
Orlando Orfeo Orlando Orfeo
as Circus Strong Man
Lucia Guzzardi Lucia Guzzardi
as Babushka
Martin Saints Martin Saints
as Former Male Model Prison Guard
Davide Clivio Davide Clivio
as Former Male Model Prison Guard
Kelly Aaron Kelly Aaron
as Fashionista (uncredited)
Christopher Cagle Christopher Cagle
as Fashion Designer
Marko Caka Marko Caka
as Fashion Media (uncredited)
Alan Cappelli Goetz Alan Cappelli Goetz
as Gondolier (uncredited)
Clinton Clark Clinton Clark
as Fashion Photographer
Marisol Correa Marisol Correa
as Fashionista (uncredited)
Carlijn de Jong Carlijn de Jong
as Model (uncredited)
Kristen Fick Kristen Fick
as Model (uncredited)
Antony Hagopian Antony Hagopian
as British Newscaster (uncredited)
Ray Hounsell Ray Hounsell
as Waiter (uncredited)
Aly Mang Aly Mang
as Fashionista (uncredited)
Dorry Marie Dorry Marie
as Fashion Media (uncredited)
Dov Markowich Dov Markowich
as Fashionista (uncredited)
Doris McCarthy Doris McCarthy
as Fashion Editor (uncredited)
Justin McGriff Justin McGriff
as Fashion Show Attendee (uncredited)
Josh Ostrovsky Josh Ostrovsky
as Gleek
Skye Stracke Skye Stracke
as Fashion Model (uncredited)
Eugenia Tempesta Eugenia Tempesta
as Hipster Salesperson (uncredited)
Skrillex Skrillex
as 'Old and Lame' Show DJ
Soledad O'Brien Soledad O'Brien
as Soledad O'Brien
Romuald Klos Romuald Klos
as Priest at Shop Window
Jim Lehrer Jim Lehrer
as Jim Lehrer
Christiane Amanpour Christiane Amanpour
as Christian Amanpour
Woodrow Asai Woodrow Asai
as Prime Minister of Malaysia (archive footage)
Joe Scarborough Joe Scarborough
as Joe Scarborough
Caroline Valencia Caroline Valencia
as Baby Valentina (uncredited)
Natalie Morales Natalie Morales
as Natalie Morales
Justin Theroux Justin Theroux
Ben Stiller Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller Ben Stiller
John Hamburg John Hamburg
Nicholas Stoller Nicholas Stoller
Scott Rudin Scott Rudin
Stuart Cornfeld Stuart Cornfeld
Ben Stiller Ben Stiller
Theodore Shapiro Theodore Shapiro
Daniel Mindel Daniel Mindel
Greg Hayden Greg Hayden
Sarah Rae Davidson Sarah Rae Davidson
Associate Producer
John Hudson John Hudson
Associate Producer
Jeff Mann Jeff Mann
Marco Valerio Pugini Marco Valerio Pugini
Line Producer
Mike Rosenstein Mike Rosenstein
Associate Producer
Clayton Townsend Clayton Townsend
Federico Costantini Federico Costantini
Concept Artist