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Ashby (2015)

Ashby (2015)

Life is about knowing how to take a hit.

When new kid in town Ed Wallis is given an assignment to interview an older person, he turns to his mysterious neighbor, Ashby Holt for help. That new connection leads to unexpected journeys for both of them, as Ashby – who turns out to be a retired CIA assassin – deals with a terminal prognosis, and Ed deals with adjusting to life with his newly single mom and developing relationship with a brainy classmate, Eloise.

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Mickey Rourke Mickey Rourke
as Ashby Holt
Nat Wolff Nat Wolff
as Ed Wallis
Emma Roberts Emma Roberts
as Eloise
Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman
as June Wallis
Adam Aalderks Adam Aalderks
as Valchek
Seth Dousman Seth Dousman
as Garry Smits
Kevin Dunn Kevin Dunn
as Coach Bruton
Zachary Knighton Zachary Knighton
as Father Ted
Michael Lerner Michael Lerner
as Entwhistle
John Enos III John Enos III
as Coach Wally
Steve Coulter Steve Coulter
as Peter Black
Tony McNamara Tony McNamara
Tony McNamara Tony McNamara