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You Too Brutus (2015)

You Too Brutus (2015)

Nalla Golden Chathi

An exploration of the relationships and personal lives of a group of bachelors, presenting the changing intimacy equations and morals of new-age youngsters.

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Asif Ali Asif Ali
as Abhi
Sreenivasan Sreenivasan
as Hari
Rachana Narayanankutty Rachana Narayanankutty
as Aparna
Honey Rose Honey Rose
as Shirley
Ahmed Sidhique Ahmed Sidhique
as Arun
Ena Saha Ena Saha
as Diya
Tovino Thomas Tovino Thomas
as Tovino
Anu Mohan Anu Mohan
as Vicky
Muktha George Muktha George
as Ancy
Sudhhy Kopa Sudhhy Kopa
as Unni
Molly Kannamaly Molly Kannamaly
as Aunty
Deepak Parambol Deepak Parambol
as Hero at the hospital
Roopesh Peethambaran Roopesh Peethambaran
Roby Abraham Roby Abraham
Swaroop Philip Swaroop Philip
Director of Photography
Sheik Afsal Sheik Afsal
Rafeeq Ahammed Rafeeq Ahammed
Roopesh Peethambaran Roopesh Peethambaran