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Milad - My planet... (2015)

Milad - My planet... (2015)

​Jelani secretly married a woman from a different tribe. They fled their country in order to avoid being killed. On foot – and every other way they could – they arrived at a river, months later. Some people die crossing it; others swim across it and enter Europe. But, once they set foot in the first European country, Greece, they found themselves and their children homeless and socially excluded, without being able to move on or go back. Their only solution is to enter Germany illegally, the smugglers say. But they have no money to pay for the whole family to travel. Jelani is faced with the dilemma: If one of the children leaves unaccompanied and arrives safe and sound in Germany, he or she can help the family obtain visas to enter that country. His children will learn in a violent way either how one finds their own planet or how one creates it from scratch; and whether Germany is really the solution or just a new nightmare.

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