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La scelta (2015)

La scelta (2015)

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  • Olin Overfield says :

    thank u..... for upload this movie. This is often my all time fav. movie to. Thank u so much.

  • Kendall Kovats says :

    I always aspired to watch this movie! Many thanks a whole lot for sharing an extremely funny thing! \(^-^)/

  • Zola Zollner says :

    I never expected that movie may be uploaded within this site

  • Monnie Mcamis says :

    It looks like that for this kind of movie you have to appreciate the visual effects

Ambra Angiolini Ambra Angiolini
as Laura
Raoul Bova Raoul Bova
as Giorgio
Valeria Solarino Valeria Solarino
as Francesca
Michele Placido Michele Placido
as Emilio Nicotri
Manrico Gammarota Manrico Gammarota
as Bennie
Monica Contini Monica Contini
as Caterina
Gennaro Diana Gennaro Diana
as Vice Nicotri
Marcello Catalano Marcello Catalano
as Fabrizio
Mejdi El Euchi Mejdi El Euchi
as Samir
Vito Signorile Vito Signorile
as Ivan Bonollo
Tina Tempesta Tina Tempesta
as Signora Bonollo
Vito Lopriore Vito Lopriore
as Filippo
Enzo Marchetti Enzo Marchetti
as Medico
Greta Amoruso Greta Amoruso
as Viola
Anna Castellaneta Anna Castellaneta
as Giulia
Antonello Marini Antonello Marini
as Cosimino
Michele Placido Michele Placido
Michele Placido Michele Placido
Luigi Pirandello Luigi Pirandello
Giulia Calenda Giulia Calenda
Federica Vincenti Federica Vincenti
Luca D'Alberto Luca D'Alberto
Original Music Composer
Arnaldo Catinari Arnaldo Catinari
Director of Photography

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