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Kid Kulafu (2015)

Kid Kulafu (2015)

Before He Was Manny Pacquiao He Was..

Before he became one of the world's greatest boxers, Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao was a young boy living a hand-to-mouth existence, trying to survive from one day to the next. When he discovers his natural talent for boxing, he embarks on a brutal and intense journey that takes him from the mountains of the Philippines to the streets of Manila, and must risk everything to become a champion - for himself, his family, and his country.

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Alessandra de Rossi Alessandra de Rossi
as Dionisia
Jake Macapagal Jake Macapagal
as Dizon
Robert Villar Robert Villar
as Emmanuel
Alex Vincent Medina Alex Vincent Medina
as Rosalio
Khalil Ramos Khalil Ramos
as Eugene
Jomari Angeles Jomari Angeles
as Abner
Kokoy de Santos Kokoy de Santos
as Robert
Jak Roberto Jak Roberto
as Fred
Igi Boy Flores Igi Boy Flores
as Baste
Amante Pulido Amante Pulido
as NPA Commander
Alvin Anson Alvin Anson
as CHDF Leader
Leon Miguel Leon Miguel
as CHDF Leader
Bon Andrew Lentejas Bon Andrew Lentejas
as Young Emmanuel
John Michael Melo John Michael Melo
as Baby Emmanuel
Iris Sanchez Iris Sanchez
as Isidra (19)
Akira Sapla Akira Sapla
as Isidra (11)
Jezmin Mae Brazil Jezmin Mae Brazil
as Isidra (7)
Ann Lecaf Mempin Ann Lecaf Mempin
as Isidra Double
Niño Jobert Bayungan Niño Jobert Bayungan
as Bobby (11)
Jhon Brix Litargo Jhon Brix Litargo
as Bobby (5)
Patrick Carrera Patrick Carrera
as Ruel (9)
Christian Dave Villar Christian Dave Villar
as Ruel (3)
Lou Veloso Lou Veloso
as Mang Polding
Archie Adamos Archie Adamos
as Mang Ising
Gary Lim Gary Lim
as Mang Boy
Efren Reyes Jr. Efren Reyes Jr.
as Mang Ben
Jun Urbano Jun Urbano
as Mang Emong
Cesar Montano Cesar Montano
as Sardo
Alyzza Agustin Alyzza Agustin
as Blow by Blow Round Girl
Paul Soriano Paul Soriano
Paul Soriano Paul Soriano