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Potato Salad: Don't Ask! (2015)

Potato Salad: Don't Ask! (2015)

When a deadly zombie virus infects a school in Germany it remains on the student Leo to save the world.

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Torge Oelrich Torge Oelrich
as Leo Weiß
Martin Schneider Martin Schneider
as Herr Donau
Dagi Bee Dagi Bee
as Katrin
Bianca Heinicke Bianca Heinicke
as Perle
Otto Waalkes Otto Waalkes
as Notrufbeantworter
Tobias Schenke Tobias Schenke
as Kommissar Egon
Katy Karrenbauer Katy Karrenbauer
as Frau Wilkens
Ronald Nitschke Ronald Nitschke
as SEK-Chef
Phil Laude Phil Laude
as Torsten
Shirin David Shirin David
Roman Lochmann Roman Lochmann
as Roman
Simon Desue Simon Desue
as Helmut
Martin Goeres Martin Goeres
as Kommissar Kuddel
Viktor Roth Viktor Roth
as Zombie Viktor
Joyce Ilg Joyce Ilg
as Vivien
Heiko Lochmann Heiko Lochmann
as Heiko
Charles Rettinghaus Charles Rettinghaus
as Direcktor Roos
Michael David Pate Michael David Pate
Torge Oelrich Torge Oelrich
Michael David Pate Michael David Pate
Andrew Reich Andrew Reich
Sound Director
Wolfgang Busch Wolfgang Busch
Camera Operator
Michael David Pate Michael David Pate

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