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Carte Blanche (2015)

Carte Blanche (2015)

The true story of a high-school history teacher who decides to hide a progressive sight loss from everyone surrounding him - his colleagues, pupils, even the ones who really care about him, because of the fear of losing his job and trying to save his dignity. Due to a genetic disorder, Kacper is faced with a very real possibility of permanent blindness. Initially heartbroken, he attempts to hide his health problems from his bosses driven by his desire to keep his job and to help his students with the final exams. The only person who knows about Kacper's problem is his best friend Wiktor. Meanwhile, Kacper enters a relationship with his colleague Ewa, and tries to help a rebel student Klara, who hides a secret of her own.

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Andrzej Chyra Andrzej Chyra
as Kacper
Urszula Grabowska Urszula Grabowska
as Ewa
Arkadiusz Jakubik Arkadiusz Jakubik
as Wiktor
Eliza Rycembel Eliza Rycembel
as Klara
Tomasz Ziętek Tomasz Ziętek
as Madejski
Dorota Kolak Dorota Kolak
as Dyrektorka
Andrzej Blumenfeld Andrzej Blumenfeld
as Florczak
Maria Chwalibóg Maria Chwalibóg
as Matka Kacpra
Jacek Lusiński Jacek Lusiński
Jacek Lusiński Jacek Lusiński
Witold Płóciennik Witold Płóciennik
Camera Operator
Paweł Lucewicz Paweł Lucewicz
Jarosław Barzan Jarosław Barzan
Marek Zawierucha Marek Zawierucha
Art Direction