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Johan Falk: Slutet (2015)

Johan Falk: Slutet (2015)

The unknown, large mafia organization is now showing its true face. The pressure that GSI and John Falk and his family have put on the organization, makes them fight back on all fronts. The rule book is thrown out. But to go after Johan Falk's family, to try to kill his wife, could be the biggest mistake the organization has done. GSI closes up around Johan's family, and the final battle begins.

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    I merely watched a clip in this movie, and it feels like an exilerating movie. Thank you so much much for posting!

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    thanks for your time so much for sharing, image looking to take this for awhile.

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    I never expected that movie could possibly be uploaded during this site

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    Extremely important watch movie. 10/10.

Jakob Eklund Jakob Eklund
as Johan Falk
Jens Hultén Jens Hultén
as Seth Rydell
Marie Richardson Marie Richardson
as Helén Falk
Peter Franzén Peter Franzén
as Milo Mikhailov
Meliz Karlge Meliz Karlge
as Sophie Nordh
Maria Hörnelius Maria Hörnelius
as Franzén
Aliette Opheim Aliette Opheim
as Madeleine Wiik
André Sjöberg André Sjöberg
as Dick Jörgensen
Fredrik Dolk Fredrik Dolk
as Peter Kroon
Małgorzata Pieczyńska Małgorzata Pieczyńska
as Ryska Kvinnan
Hanna Alsterlund Hanna Alsterlund
as Nina Andersson
Mårten Svedberg Mårten Svedberg
as Vidar Pettersson
Alexander Karim Alexander Karim
as Niklas Saxlid
Magnus Roosmann Magnus Roosmann
as Advokat Fredrixon
Ivars Auzins Ivars Auzins
as Valdo
Magnus Mark Magnus Mark
as Ossian
Sanna Ekman Sanna Ekman
as Linnea Roswall
Zeljko Santrac Zeljko Santrac
as Matte
Isidor Alcaide-Backlund Isidor Alcaide-Backlund
as Ola Falk
Jonas Bane Jonas Bane
as Bill
Ivars Puga Ivars Puga
as Sevathian
Lauris Subatinieks Lauris Subatinieks
as Uldis Grisele
Jurek Sawka Jurek Sawka
as Giorgadze
Dimitri Laisha Dimitri Laisha
as Yaakov
Vladimir Dikanski Vladimir Dikanski
as Ivan
Pelle Bolander Pelle Bolander
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Christian Brandin Christian Brandin
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Mikael Spreitz Mikael Spreitz
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Evgeni Leonov Evgeni Leonov
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Alvina Nilsson Alvina Nilsson
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Christian Magdu Christian Magdu
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Johan Hedenberg Johan Hedenberg
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Mikael Tornving Mikael Tornving
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Zoltan Hack Zoltan Hack
as Kliment
Michel Ersoy Michel Ersoy
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Rania Shemoun Olsson Rania Shemoun Olsson
as TV4-Reporter
Vendela Lundberg Vendela Lundberg
as Linda
Leo Wande Leo Wande
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Nicole Marouki Nicole Marouki
as Sarah Nordh
Loana Masic Loana Masic
as Emelie Nordh
Mikael Holmén Mikael Holmén
as Ordningspolis
Jonas Widholm Jonas Widholm
as Ordningspolis
Niclas Fenix Jansson Niclas Fenix Jansson
as Trubetsky
Richard Holm Richard Holm
Viking Johansson Viking Johansson
Anders Nilsson Anders Nilsson
Creative Producer
Joakim Hansson Joakim Hansson