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Numb (2015)

Numb (2015)

The only thing more blinding than greed.

Husband and wife, Will and Dawn, are in financial crisis after learning the job Will was counting on to salvage their financial future has disappeared in the midst of a market collapse. They set out to drive home on the winter highway back to their city, and in a moment of altruism, pick up siblings Lee and Cheryl, a pair of hitchhikers on their way to start a new life. In the midst of the night they nearly collide with an old man wandering on the snowy highway, hyperthermic and horrifically frostbitten. While searching for his ID they discover a wad of cash, a hand drawn map with GPS coordinates, and a single gold coin inside his coat. Will and Dawn reluctantly go along with Lee’s plan to report him to the police as a John Doe and pocket the money. In an attempt to save their financial struggles, all four venture off into the snowy wilderness in search of the buried gold.

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Jamie Bamber Jamie Bamber
as Will
Marie Avgeropoulos Marie Avgeropoulos
as Cheryl
Aleks Paunovic Aleks Paunovic
as Lee
Stefanie von Pfetten Stefanie von Pfetten
as Dawn
Colin Cunningham Colin Cunningham
as Trapper
Gina Chiarelli Gina Chiarelli
as Officer Stevens
Paul McGillion Paul McGillion
as Pete
Craig Erickson Craig Erickson
as Officer Alvin
Veena Sood Veena Sood
as Dr. Reese
Jason R. Goode Jason R. Goode
Dylan Jenkinson Dylan Jenkinson
Robyn Wiener Robyn Wiener
Jan Kiesser Jan Kiesser
Director of Photography
Kye Meechan Kye Meechan
Nicholas Tabarrok Nicholas Tabarrok
Executive Producer
Rosie Perera Rosie Perera
Executive Producer
Dene Anderberg Dene Anderberg
Executive Producer
Edward Noeltner Edward Noeltner
Executive Producer
Jason R. Goode Jason R. Goode
Executive Producer
Vicky Mulholland Vicky Mulholland
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Andre Harden Andre Harden