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Our Loved Ones (2015)

Our Loved Ones (2015)

1978. In a small village in Bas-St-Laurent, Guy’s tragic death is a shock for the Leblanc family. For many years, the real cause of his death is kept hidden from some members of the family, including his son David. The latter in turn starts his own family with his wife Marie. He lovingly raises his children Laurence and Frédéric, but deep within him harbours a persistent melancholy.

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Maxim Gaudette Maxim Gaudette
as David Leblanc
Karelle Tremblay Karelle Tremblay
as Laurence Leblanc
Valerie Cadieux Valerie Cadieux
as Marie
Mickaël Gouin Mickaël Gouin
as André Leblanc
Louise Turcot Louise Turcot
as Aline Leblanc
Antoine Desrochers Antoine Desrochers
as Antoine
Simon Bérubé Simon Bérubé
as Frédéric
Simon Landry-Desy Simon Landry-Desy
as Félix
Annabelle Guérin Annabelle Guérin
as Young Laurence
Marie-Claude Guérin Marie-Claude Guérin
as Florence
Olivier Aubin Olivier Aubin
as Teacher
Nathalie Cavezzali Nathalie Cavezzali
as Claire
Karl Farah Karl Farah
as Yves
Eric Balbàs Eric Balbàs
as Eduardo
Roger Vilà Roger Vilà
as Juan
François Aubin François Aubin
as Notary
Émile Duchesne Émile Duchesne
as Simon
Joëlle Bond Joëlle Bond
as Paramedic
Liam Patenaude Liam Patenaude
as Young Frédéric
Eliott Desjardins Gauthier Eliott Desjardins Gauthier
as Young Antoine
Normand Gougeon Normand Gougeon
as Doctor
Sébastien Labbé Proulx Sébastien Labbé Proulx
as Manager
Jonathan Hervieux Jonathan Hervieux
as Bus Driver
Morgane Blais-Guilbault Morgane Blais-Guilbault
as Julie
Eva Kluyskens Eva Kluyskens
as Ariane
Pierre-Luc Fontaine Pierre-Luc Fontaine
as Michel
Alain Laperrière Alain Laperrière
as Guy
Alexis Plante Alexis Plante
as François
Annie St-Pierre Annie St-Pierre
as Cindy
Marc Verdaguer Girones Marc Verdaguer Girones
as DJ
Gabrielle Mankiewicz Gabrielle Mankiewicz
as Linda
Émile-Olivier Desgens Émile-Olivier Desgens
as Luc
Nadia Girard Nadia Girard
as Lucie
Jeanne Canniccioni Jeanne Canniccioni
as Baby Laurence
Francis Marnen Francis Marnen
as Cop
Guy Bourgoin Guy Bourgoin
as Cop
Anne Émond Anne Émond
Anne Émond Anne Émond