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What We Become (2015)

What We Become (2015)

Stay Home. Lock Up. Don't Breathe.

A family of four is quarantined in their home as a virulent strand of the flu spreads into town and they are forced to the extreme to escape alive.

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Troels Lyby Troels Lyby
as Dino
Mille Dinesen Mille Dinesen
as Pernille
Benjamin Engell Benjamin Engell
as Gustav
Marie Hammer Boda Marie Hammer Boda
as Sonja
Ella Solgaard Ella Solgaard
as Maj
Mikael Birkkjær Mikael Birkkjær
as Casper
Therese Damsgaard Therese Damsgaard
as Anna
Diana Axelsen Diana Axelsen
as Maria
Rita Angela Rita Angela
as Elna
Simon Papousek Simon Papousek
as Sonjas far
Kristian Halken Kristian Halken
as Christian Hall
Laura Bro Laura Bro
as Kvinden i netto
Reimer Bo Reimer Bo
as Nyhedsoplæser
Trine Sick Trine Sick
as Nyhedsoplæser
Robert Strandgaard Mikkelsen Robert Strandgaard Mikkelsen
as Dreng til vejfest
Dennis Albrechtsen Dennis Albrechtsen
as Mand i bil
Kristian B. Sørensen Kristian B. Sørensen
as SWAT Team
Kristoffer Jul Kristoffer Jul
as SWAT Team
Peter Krag Peter Krag
as SWAT Team
Michael Molin Michael Molin
as SWAT Team
Peter Palmgren Peter Palmgren
as SWAT Team
Tue Bjørn Tue Bjørn
as SWAT Team
Theis Gottorp Theis Gottorp
as SWAT Team
Lars O. Nielsen Lars O. Nielsen
as Politibetjent
Brian Conradsen Brian Conradsen
as Politibetjent
Benjamin Lund Lassen Benjamin Lund Lassen
as Ambulancefører
Sven Aage Andersen Sven Aage Andersen
as Ambulancefører
Martin R. Nielsen Martin R. Nielsen
as Brandmand
TT Thomas Tamsen TT Thomas Tamsen
as Lastbilchauffør
Boggie Claus Boggie Claus
as Lastbilchauffør
Jydespætten Jydespætten
as Gummiged chauffør
Marius Artimon Marius Artimon
as Hollændervogn chauffør
Rikke Rikke
as Hunden Pusser
Ole Dupont Ole Dupont
as Læge (uncredited)
Sonny Lahey Sonny Lahey
as SWAT Team Member (voice) (uncredited)
Bo Mikkelsen Bo Mikkelsen
Bo Mikkelsen Bo Mikkelsen
Sara Namer Sara Namer
Adam Philp Adam Philp
Niels Ostenfeld Niels Ostenfeld
Bo Mikkelsen Bo Mikkelsen
Peter Albrechtsen Peter Albrechtsen
Sound Designer
Martin Pedersen Martin Pedersen
Original Music Composer
Peter Hjorth Peter Hjorth
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor
Thomas Bremer Thomas Bremer
Production Design
Rikke Simonsen Rikke Simonsen
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Costume Design
Sofie de Mylius Sofie de Mylius
Costume & Make-Up
Makeup Designer
Anja Philip Anja Philip
Johnny Andersen Johnny Andersen
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Kirsten Langgaard Kirsten Langgaard
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Meta Louise Foldager Meta Louise Foldager
Executive Producer
Kenneth D. Plummer Kenneth D. Plummer
Executive Producer
Louis Tisné Louis Tisné
Executive Producer