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Riot (2015)

Riot (2015)

Caged to kill.

Copper Jack Stone purposefully orchestrates a bank robbery in order to be thrown into prison with the notorious Russian kingpin Balam. Balam is more than just a mob criminal; he's a very cunning and dangerous lord who controls the police force from behind bars. Balam lives in prison as a cover for his real power, which is King of the city. His cell is a lavish private room built specifically for him, inaccessible to most in the depths of the prison structure. Even the warden fears venturing into his area of the prison. However, even surrounded by his loyal henchmen and guards in his sectioned off fortress, Balam doesn't know Jack is coming for him to avenge his family, who Balam murdered in cold blood. Balam is tough... but Jack is tougher.

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Matthew Reese Matthew Reese
as Jack Stone
Dolph Lundgren Dolph Lundgren
as William
Danielle C. Ryan Danielle C. Ryan
as Alena
Chuck Liddell Chuck Liddell
as Balam
Michael Flynn Michael Flynn
as District Attorney Johnson
Renny Grames Renny Grames
as Trisha Sinclair
Eve Mauro Eve Mauro
as Allison
Melanie Stone Melanie Stone
as Kat
Michaela McAllister Michaela McAllister
as Rhiana
Amy Sturdivant Amy Sturdivant
as Kesha
D.L. Walker D.L. Walker
as Warden Blain
Andrew W. Johnson Andrew W. Johnson
as Mark Crane
Paris Warner Paris Warner
as Olesya
Nikita Bogolyubov Nikita Bogolyubov
as Semyon
Holly Lynch Holly Lynch
as Elizabeth Stone
Carolyn Crow Koskan Carolyn Crow Koskan
as Secretary Reid
Cherie Julander Cherie Julander
as Harrietta Spendoza
Beni Alexander Beni Alexander
as Timur
John Lyde John Lyde
Spanky Dustin Ward Spanky Dustin Ward

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