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They Call Me Jeeg (2016)

They Call Me Jeeg (2016)

A superhero like no other

Enzo Ceccotti comes into contact with a radioactive substance, then accidently discovers he has superpowers. A touchy, navel-gazing introvert, he’s sure his new capabilities will do wonders for his life of crime, but that all changes when he meets Alessia, who’s convinced he’s the hero from the famous Japanese comic strip, Steel Jeeg Robot.

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Claudio Santamaria Claudio Santamaria
as Enzo Ceccotti
Ilenia Pastorelli Ilenia Pastorelli
as Alessia
Luca Marinelli Luca Marinelli
as Zingaro
Stefano Ambrogi Stefano Ambrogi
as Sergio
Maurizio Tesei Maurizio Tesei
as Biondo
Francesco Formichetti Francesco Formichetti
as Sperma
Daniele Trombetti Daniele Trombetti
as Tazzina
Joel Sy Joel Sy
as Claudietto
Antonia Truppo Antonia Truppo
as Nunzia
Gianluca Di Gennaro Gianluca Di Gennaro
as Antonio
Salvatore Esposito Salvatore Esposito
as Vincenzo
Juana Jimenez Juana Jimenez
as Marcellone
Giampaolo Crescenzio Giampaolo Crescenzio
as Pinocchio
Tommaso Di Carlo Tommaso Di Carlo
as Efeso
Jennifer Distaso Jennifer Distaso
as Bambina in Auto
Roberto Libertini Roberto Libertini
as Cruciani
Leandro Carano Leandro Carano
as Di Lello
Daniela De Vita Daniela De Vita
as Poliziotta
Tamken Abdulaziz Tamken Abdulaziz
as Corriere #1
Hassen Jamal Hassen Jamal
as Corriere #2
Luigi Mazzullo Luigi Mazzullo
as Agente di Polizia
Marta Pinna Marta Pinna
as Mamma Bambina in Auto
Matteo Bianchi Matteo Bianchi
as Steward stadio
Matteo Barbaliscia Matteo Barbaliscia
as Ragazzo scooter
Elisa Benigni Elisa Benigni
as Soubrette talk show
Nicola Guaglianone Nicola Guaglianone
as Psicologo
Raffaele Crisai Raffaele Crisai
as Bagarino
Stefano Agresti Stefano Agresti
as Ultrà stadio
Adriano Giannini Adriano Giannini
as Cronista (voice)
Giorgio Savino Giorgio Savino
as Polizotto in Borghese #1 (uncredited)
Anna Maria Zamperla Anna Maria Zamperla
as Anziana a casa di Nunzia (uncredited)
Mirko Zamperla Mirko Zamperla
as Scagnozzo di Nunzia (uncredited)
Alessandro Borgese Alessandro Borgese
as Scagnozzo di Nunzia (uncredited)
Gabriele Mainetti Gabriele Mainetti
Nicola Guaglianone Nicola Guaglianone
Michele D'Attanasio Michele D'Attanasio
Director of Photography
Menotti Menotti
Jacopo Saraceni Jacopo Saraceni
Executive Producer
Gabriele Mainetti Gabriele Mainetti
Luca Della Grotta Luca Della Grotta
Visual Effects
VFX Supervisor
Andrea Maguolo Andrea Maguolo
Mary Montalto Mary Montalto
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Supervisor
Simone Spada Simone Spada
Assistant Director