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Heidi (2015)

Heidi (2015)

Heidi, is an eight-year-old Swiss orphan who is given by her aunt to her mountain-dwelling grandfather. She is then stolen back by her aunt from her grandfather to live in the wealthy Sesemann household in Frankfurt, Germany as a companion to Klara, a sheltered, disabled girl in a wheelchair. Heidi is unhappy but makes the best of the situation, always longing for her grandfather.

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Bruno Ganz Bruno Ganz
as Alpöhi
Anuk Steffen Anuk Steffen
as Heidi
Katharina Schüttler Katharina Schüttler
as Fräulein Rottenmeier
Maxim Mehmet Maxim Mehmet
as Herr Sesemann
Hannelore Hoger Hannelore Hoger
as Grossmama Sesemann
Isabelle Ottmann Isabelle Ottmann
as Klara
Quirin Agrippi Quirin Agrippi
as Geissenpeter
Monica Gubser Monica Gubser
as Grossmutter
Peter Lohmeyer Peter Lohmeyer
as Sebastian
Heinrich Giskes Heinrich Giskes
as Türmer
Jella Haase Jella Haase
as Tinette
Anna Schinz Anna Schinz
as Dete
Lilian Naef Lilian Naef
as Barbel
Peter Jecklin Peter Jecklin
as Pfarrer
Christoph Gaugler Christoph Gaugler
as Senner
Rebecca Indermaur Rebecca Indermaur
as Geissenpeterin
Arthur Bühler Arthur Bühler
as Dörfler
Marietta Jemmi Marietta Jemmi
as Frau im Dorf
Michael Kranz Michael Kranz
as Herr Kardidat
Laura Parker Laura Parker
as Marktfrau
Markus Hering Markus Hering
as Doktor
Reto Schärli Reto Schärli
Alain Gsponer Alain Gsponer
Johanna Spyri Johanna Spyri
Petra Biondina Volpe Petra Biondina Volpe
Matthias Fleischer Matthias Fleischer
Director of Photography
Mike Schaerer Mike Schaerer
Niki Reiser Niki Reiser