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Les Dissociés (2015)

Les Dissociés (2015)

One morning, Lily and Ben wake up side by side in bodies that are not theirs. And Magalie, a little girl in the body of a tall, bearded, awaits them in the guest room. This is the beginning of an incredible adventure, sometimes initiatory, where the bodies and identities will be reversed at the option of a simple hug.

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Raphaël Descraques Raphaël Descraques
as Sacha
Julien Josselin Julien Josselin
as Ben
Marsu Lacroix Marsu Lacroix
as Lily
Yoni Dahan Yoni Dahan
as Gwen
Vincent Tirel Vincent Tirel
as Magalie
Carlito Carlito
as Chantal
Eléonore Costes Eléonore Costes
as Léa
Thomas Vandenberghe Thomas Vandenberghe
as Serge
Raphaël Descraques Raphaël Descraques
Raphaël Descraques Raphaël Descraques
Julien Josselin Julien Josselin