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S: The Last Policeman: Recovery of Our Future (2015)

S: The Last Policeman: Recovery of Our Future (2015)

The NPS (National Police Safety Rescue), whose purpose is to catch extreme criminals alive, becomes the center of attention. A sit-in demonstration takes place. Members of the NPS, including Ichigo Kamikura (Osamu Mukai) go to the protest site. Meanwhile, a transport ship is hijacked in the Pacific Ocean.

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Osamu Mukai Osamu Mukai
as Ichigo Kamikura
Go Ayano Go Ayano
as Iori Soga
Yui Aragaki Yui Aragaki
as Iruma Hayashi
Nao Omori Nao Omori
as Hideki Kashii
Kazue Fukiishi Kazue Fukiishi
as Yuzuru Munakata
Munetaka Aoki Munetaka Aoki
as Katsuichiro Kurata
Joe Odagiri Joe Odagiri
as Keigo Masaki
Hiroyuki Ikeuchi Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
as Seijiro Furuhashi
Hiroyuki Hirayama Hiroyuki Hirayama
as Hitoshi Hayata
Tsutomu Takahashi Tsutomu Takahashi
as Ryuichi Kajio
Anna Tsuchiya Anna Tsuchiya
as Aki Yokokawa
Masahiro Takashima Masahiro Takashima
as Fumio Nakamaru
Masaomi Kondo Masaomi Kondo
as Rokuro Kiriyama
Mayumi Asaka Mayumi Asaka
as Hana Kamikura
Hirotaro Honda Hirotaro Honda
as Kojo Munakata
Daikichi Sugawara Daikichi Sugawara
as Hikaru Amagi
Takuro Tatsumi Takuro Tatsumi
as Masafumi Nango
Shunichi Hirano Shunichi Hirano
Kazunao Furuya Kazunao Furuya

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