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Newcomer (2015)

Newcomer (2015)

A Brilliant Young Spy. An Enemy With Deadly Intent.

When a rookie operative's mistake costs the lives of his entire team, he's forced on the run and must piece together the truth by re-creating the events of the ill-fated mission with only the audio recording to guide him.

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James Floyd James Floyd
as Alex
Noémie Merlant Noémie Merlant
as Anja
Anthony LaPaglia Anthony LaPaglia
as Daniel
Dragan Mićanović Dragan Mićanović
as Donovan Ree
Ljubomir Bandović Ljubomir Bandović
as Blix
Jefferson Hall Jefferson Hall
as Louis
Vanja Ejdus Vanja Ejdus
as Adi
Aleksandra Sirkić Aleksandra Sirkić
as Wife
Irfan Mensur Irfan Mensur
as Old Man
Branislav Tomašević Branislav Tomašević
as Gentry
Radoje Čupić Radoje Čupić
as Man
Predrag Ejdus Predrag Ejdus
as Brana
Đorđe Marković Đorđe Marković
as Police Officer
Ilija Stojimirović Ilija Stojimirović
as Husband
Nebojša Đorđević Nebojša Đorđević
as Policeman
Robert Longstreet Robert Longstreet
as Douglas
Branislav Fistrić Branislav Fistrić
as Cable Guy 1
Milan Maksimović Milan Maksimović
as Cable Guy 2
Milutin Milošević Milutin Milošević
as Proctor
Bora Nenić Bora Nenić
as Drunk Man
Katica Želi Katica Želi
as Old Woman
Mladen Sovilj Mladen Sovilj
as Young Employee
Nikola Fišeković Nikola Fišeković
as Ree's Assistant
Nikola Ivanović Nikola Ivanović
as Policeman
Dejana Miladinović Dejana Miladinović
as Rental Clerk
Richard Phillips Richard Phillips
as Hurried Man
Miloš Jovanović Miloš Jovanović
as Past Alex
Srđan Ajvaz Srđan Ajvaz
as Caffe Owner
Dejan Laptošević Dejan Laptošević
as Policeman
Đorđe Erčević Đorđe Erčević
as Ticket Clerk
Bobi Đorđević Bobi Đorđević
as Kafana Owner
Aleksandar Đorđević Aleksandar Đorđević
as TV Speaker
Aleksandar Gligorić Aleksandar Gligorić
as Parka Man
Andrijana Đorđević Andrijana Đorđević
as Sleepy Girl
Kai Barry Kai Barry
Iqbal Ahmed Iqbal Ahmed
Kai Barry Kai Barry
Kai Barry Kai Barry