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Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)

Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)

The Z Warriors discover an unopenable music box and are told to open it with the Dragon Balls. The contents turn out to be a warrior named Tapion who had sealed himself inside along with a monster called Hildegarn. Goku must now perfect a new technique to defeat the evil monster.

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Hiro Yuuki Hiro Yuuki
as Tapion (voice)
Takeshi Kusao Takeshi Kusao
as Trunks (voice)
Masako Nozawa Masako Nozawa
as Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)
Ryou Horikawa Ryou Horikawa
as Vegeta (voice)
Hiromi Tsuru Hiromi Tsuru
as Bulma Briefs (voice)
Kenji Utsumi Kenji Utsumi
as Shenlong (voice)
Yuuko Minaguchi Yuuko Minaguchi
as Videl (voice)
Gen Fukunaga Gen Fukunaga
Executive Producer
Mitsuo Hashimoto Mitsuo Hashimoto
Takao Koyama Takao Koyama
Akira Toriyama Akira Toriyama
Shinichi Fukumitsu Shinichi Fukumitsu
Masao Shimizu Masao Shimizu
Shunsuke Kikuchi Shunsuke Kikuchi
Original Music Composer