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Ivanhoe (1982)

Ivanhoe (1982)

This is a remake of Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe, a worthy and noble knight, the champion of justice returns to England after the holy wars. He find England under the reign of Prince John and his henchmen and finds himself being involved in the power-struggle for the throne of England. Will justice prevail and will all fair ladies in distress be rescued?

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Anthony Andrews Anthony Andrews
as Wilfred of Ivanhoe
James Mason James Mason
as Isaac of York
Sam Neill Sam Neill
as Brian de Bois-Guilbert
Michael Hordern Michael Hordern
as Cedric
Julian Glover Julian Glover
as King Richard
Ronald Pickup Ronald Pickup
as Prince John
David Robb David Robb
as Robin Hood
Stuart Wilson Stuart Wilson
as De Bracy
Michael Gothard Michael Gothard
as Athelstone
Tony Haygarth Tony Haygarth
as Friar Tuck
John Rhys-Davies John Rhys-Davies
as Front de Boeuf
Olivia Hussey Olivia Hussey
as Rebecca
Lysette Anthony Lysette Anthony
as Lady Rowena
George Innes George Innes
as Wamba
Philip Locke Philip Locke
as Grand Master
Douglas Camfield Douglas Camfield
Walter Scott Walter Scott
John Gay John Gay
Norman Rosemont Norman Rosemont