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Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

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In a world where people collect pocket-size monsters (Pokémon) to do battle, a boy comes across an intelligent monster who seeks to be a detective.

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    I never expected that movie may be uploaded on this site

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    love this movie

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    I do think that for this movie you have to appreciate the visual effects

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    thanks a lot sooooo much for uploading this!!!!!

Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds
as Detective Pikachu (voice)
Justice Smith Justice Smith
as Tim Goodman
Kathryn Newton Kathryn Newton
as Lucy Stevens
Bill Nighy Bill Nighy
as Howard Clifford / Mewtwo (voice)
Ken Watanabe Ken Watanabe
as Lieutenant Hide Yoshida
Chris Geere Chris Geere
as Roger Clifford
Suki Waterhouse Suki Waterhouse
as Ms. Norman
Josette Simon Josette Simon
as Grams
Alejandro De Mesa Alejandro De Mesa
as Bartender
Rita Ora Rita Ora
as Dr. Ann Laurent
Karan Soni Karan Soni
as Jack
Max Fincham Max Fincham
as Young Tim Goodman
Simone Ashley Simone Ashley
as Girlfriend
Edward Davis Edward Davis
as Boyfriend
Diplo Diplo
as DJ
Omar Chaparro Omar Chaparro
as Sebastian
Ben Fox Ben Fox
as Lead Cop
Kadiff Kirwan Kadiff Kirwan
as Mayor
Rob Delaney Rob Delaney
as (uncredited)
Priyanga Burford Priyanga Burford
as Passenger
Ikue Otani Ikue Otani
as Pikachu (voice) (archive sound)
Bern Collaço Bern Collaço
as CNM Reporter
Fiona Hardingham Fiona Hardingham
as Arrival Video Narrator (voice)
Jordan Long Jordan Long
as Driver
Zoë Scott Zoë Scott
as Punk Girl (uncredited)
Bernardo Santos Bernardo Santos
as RCPD Police Officer
Ruth Horrocks Ruth Horrocks
as Parade Attendee
Jag Patel Jag Patel
as Dignitary
Abbie Murphy Abbie Murphy
as Cynthia McMaster
Paul Lawrence Kitson Paul Lawrence Kitson
as Harry Goodman
Sofia Abbasi Sofia Abbasi
as Parade Attendee / Ryme City Citizen
Gurnita Kaur Kahlon Gurnita Kaur Kahlon
as Parade Onlooker
Daniel Eghan Daniel Eghan
as CNM Reporter
Crystal Wingx Crystal Wingx
as Ryme City Citizen
Belal Sabir Belal Sabir
as Camera Operator
James Galvin James Galvin
as Pokemon Trainer
Charlie Rhea Esquér Charlie Rhea Esquér
as Business Woman
Rebecca Lawson-Turner Rebecca Lawson-Turner
as Punk Girl
Deborah Rock Deborah Rock
as Dignitary
Nick Owenford Nick Owenford
as Dignitary
Géraldine Lamarre Géraldine Lamarre
as Street Fashion Girl
Kevin Matadeen Kevin Matadeen
as Business Man
Savannah Pages Savannah Pages
as Girl 2
Ian Morine Ian Morine
as Ryme City Citizen
Georgie Carter Georgie Carter
as Best Friend
Alex Klaus Alex Klaus
as Police Commissioner
A.k. Steppa A.k. Steppa
as Paramedic
Jackson Kai Jackson Kai
as Street Fashion Guy
Benjamin Coakley Benjamin Coakley
as Business Man
Joellee Evans Joellee Evans
as Spectator
Daniel Rennis Daniel Rennis
as Fight Spectator
Iulia Filipovscaia Iulia Filipovscaia
as Business Passer By
Rishi Gupta Rishi Gupta
as Police Officer
Preeti Malhotra Preeti Malhotra
as Stall Girl
Matthew Cox Matthew Cox
as Passerby
Wong Charlie Wong Charlie
as Businessman / Train Passenger
Susanne Schraps Susanne Schraps
as Attendee Championship
Henrique Rizzo Henrique Rizzo
as Ryme City Citizen
Tommy Gorman Tommy Gorman
as Train Passenger
Riley Fusilero Riley Fusilero
as Child
Jonathan Dodson Jonathan Dodson
as Roundhouse Passer-by
Lana Ish-Muhametova Lana Ish-Muhametova
as Roundhouse Audience
Nina Kumar Nina Kumar
as Parade / Train Passenger
Armani La Wong Armani La Wong
as Roundhouse Audience
Emily Ng Emily Ng
as Office Worker
Baltazar Oliva Baltazar Oliva
as CNM Reporter
Nicole Reece Nicole Reece
as Passer-by
Clem So Clem So
as Pokémon Trainer
Winson Ting Winson Ting
as Camera Operator
Rina Hoshino Rina Hoshino
as Mewtwo (voice)
Kotaro Watanabe Kotaro Watanabe
as Mewtwo (voice)
Ryoma Takeuchi Ryoma Takeuchi
as Pokemon Trainer Red
Rob Letterman Rob Letterman
Tomokazu Ohara Tomokazu Ohara
Original Story
Satoshi Tajiri Satoshi Tajiri
Original Story
Haruka Utsui Haruka Utsui
Original Story
Nigel Phelps Nigel Phelps
Production Design
Satoshi Tajiri Satoshi Tajiri
Executive Producer
Thomas Tull Thomas Tull
Robert Consing Robert Consing
Storyboard Designer
Raj Rihal Raj Rihal
Conceptual Design
Emmanuel Shiu Emmanuel Shiu
Conceptual Illustrator
Ken Sugimori Ken Sugimori
Visual Effects
Character Designer
Ali Mendes Ali Mendes
Executive In Charge Of Production
John Mathieson John Mathieson
Director of Photography
Mark Sanger Mark Sanger
Suzie Harman Suzie Harman
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Lisa Chugg Lisa Chugg
Set Decoration
Dan Hernandez Dan Hernandez
Benji Samit Benji Samit
Nicole Perlman Nicole Perlman
Dan Hernandez Dan Hernandez
Benji Samit Benji Samit
Derek Connolly Derek Connolly
Rob Letterman Rob Letterman
Henry Jackman Henry Jackman
James Thomas James Thomas
Jonathan Fawkner Jonathan Fawkner
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor