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The Parade (2011)

The Parade (2011)

The Parade, in a tragicomic way, tells the story about ongoing battle between two worlds in contemporary post-war Serbian society - the traditional, oppressive, homophobic majority and a liberal, modern and open-minded minority... The film, which deals with gay rights issues in Serbia, features footage of the 2010 Belgrade gay pride parade. The film introduces a group of gay activists, trying to organize a pride parade in Belgrade

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    Great movie, Worth to Watch! 9/10.

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    Thanks for the upload! (Finally found time for you to download this one)

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Nikola Kojo Nikola Kojo
as Limun
Hristina Popović Hristina Popović
as Biserka
Miloš Samolov Miloš Samolov
as Radmilo
Goran Jevtić Goran Jevtić
as Mirko
Goran Navojec Goran Navojec
as Roko
Dejan Aćimović Dejan Aćimović
as Halil
Toni Mihajlovski Toni Mihajlovski
as Azem
Nataša Marković Nataša Marković
as Lenka
Mladen Andrejević Mladen Andrejević
as Đorđe
Relja Popović Relja Popović
as Vuk
Radoslav Milenković Radoslav Milenković
as Kecman
Mira Stupica Mira Stupica
as Baka Olga
Marko Nikolić Marko Nikolić
as Bogdan
Branimir Popović Branimir Popović
as Zvonce
Uroš Đurić Uroš Đurić
as Kačamak
Milan Jovanović Milan Jovanović
as Afrika
Milan Marić Milan Marić
as Rešetka
Bojan Navojec Bojan Navojec
as Zuko
Saša Petrović Saša Petrović
as Ibro
Anita Mančić Anita Mančić
as Tamara
Mladen Nelević Mladen Nelević
as Boro
Mirjana Đurđević Mirjana Đurđević
as Radica
Srđan Dragojević Srđan Dragojević
Srđan Dragojević Srđan Dragojević
Vladimir Anastasov Vladimir Anastasov
Mike Downey Mike Downey
Igor Nola Igor Nola
Biljana Prvanovic Biljana Prvanovic
Eva Rohrman Eva Rohrman
Dušan Joksimović Dušan Joksimović
Director of Photography