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Boyhood (2014)

Boyhood (2014)

12 years in the making.

The film tells a story of a divorced couple trying to raise their young son. The story follows the boy for twelve years, from first grade at age 6 through 12th grade at age 17-18, and examines his relationship with his parents as he grows.

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Ellar Coltrane Ellar Coltrane
as Mason Evans Jr.
Patricia Arquette Patricia Arquette
as Olivia
Ethan Hawke Ethan Hawke
as Mason Evans Sr.
Lorelei Linklater Lorelei Linklater
as Samantha Evans
Libby Villari Libby Villari
as Catherine
Marco Perella Marco Perella
as Bill Welbrock
Brad Hawkins Brad Hawkins
as Jim
Jamie Howard Jamie Howard
as Mindy Welbrock
Andrew Villarreal Andrew Villarreal
as Randy Welbrock
Jenni Tooley Jenni Tooley
as Annie
Zoe Graham Zoe Graham
as Sheena
Charlie Sexton Charlie Sexton
as Jimmy
Elijah Smith Elijah Smith
as Tommy
Steven Chester Prince Steven Chester Prince
as Ted
Bonnie Cross Bonnie Cross
as Teacher
Sydney Orta Sydney Orta
as Elementary School Girl
Shane Graham Shane Graham
as Neighborhood Friend #1
Tess Allen Tess Allen
as Neighborhood Friend #2
Ryan Power Ryan Power
as Paul
Sharee Fowler Sharee Fowler
as Book Trivia Judge
Mark Finn Mark Finn
as Book Release Emcee
Byron Jenkins Byron Jenkins
as Barber
Holly Moore Holly Moore
as Mason's 4th Grade Teacher
David Blackwell David Blackwell
as Liquor Store Clerk
Barbara Chisholm Barbara Chisholm
as Carol
Matthew Martinez-Arndt Matthew Martinez-Arndt
as Lee
Cassidy Johnson Cassidy Johnson
as Abby
Cambell Westmoreland Cambell Westmoreland
as Kenny
Jennifer Griffin Jennifer Griffin
as Mrs. Darby
Garry Peters Garry Peters
as No Obama Man
Merrilee McCommas Merrilee McCommas
as Obama Mama
Tamara Jolaine Tamara Jolaine
as Tammy
Jordan Howard Jordan Howard
as Tony
Andrew Bunten Andrew Bunten
as Bully 1
Tyler Strother Tyler Strother
as Bully 2
Evie Thompson Evie Thompson
as Jill
Savannah Welch Savannah Welch
as College Girl Singer
Mika Odom Mika Odom
as Gabi
Sinjin Venegas Sinjin Venegas
as Chase
Nick Krause Nick Krause
as Charlie
Derek Chase Hickey Derek Chase Hickey
as Charlie's Friend
Angela Rawna Angela Rawna
as Professor Douglas
Megan Devine Megan Devine
as Make Out Girl
Landon Collier Landon Collier
as Cooper
Roland Ruiz Roland Ruiz
as Ernesto
Richard Jones Richard Jones
as Grandpa Cliff
Karen Jones Karen Jones
as Nana
Gordon Friday Gordon Friday
as Pastor
Tom McTigue Tom McTigue
as Mr. Turlington
Sam Dillon Sam Dillon
as Nick
Martel Summers Martel Summers
as Beer Pong Guy
David Clark David Clark
as High School Band Singer
Jessie Tilton Jessie Tilton
as April
Richard Robichaux Richard Robichaux
as Mason's Boss
Will Harris Will Harris
as Sam's College Boyfriend
Indica Shaw Indica Shaw
as Hooper
Bruce Salmon Bruce Salmon
as Guitar Player
Wayne Sutton Wayne Sutton
as Beat Box
Joe Sundell Joe Sundell
as Band Member 1
Sean Tracey Sean Tracey
as Band Member 2
Ben Hodges Ben Hodges
as Band Member 3
Daniel Zeh Daniel Zeh
as Band Member 4
Chris Doubek Chris Doubek
as Guy in Diner
Andrea Chen Andrea Chen
as Sam's Roommate
Mona Lee Fultz Mona Lee Fultz
as High School Teacher
Maximillian McNamara Maximillian McNamara
as Dalton
Taylor Weaver Taylor Weaver
as Barb
Jessi Mechler Jessi Mechler
as Nicole
Bill Wise Bill Wise
as Steve Evans
Alina Linklater Alina Linklater
as Twin Cousin 1
Charlotte Linklater Charlotte Linklater
as Twin Cousin 2
Genevieve Kinney Genevieve Kinney
as Woman at Party
Elijah Ford Elijah Ford
as Jimmy's Bandmate 1
Kyle Crusham Kyle Crusham
as Jimmy's Bandmate 2
Conrad Choucroun Conrad Choucroun
as Jimmy's Bandmate 3
Deanna Brochin Deanna Brochin
as College Student (uncredited)
Stephen Latham Stephen Latham
as Late Night Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Heather Materne Heather Materne
as Parent (uncredited)
Johnny Walter Johnny Walter
as Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Natalie Makenna Natalie Makenna
as College Student (uncredited)
Ken Edwards Ken Edwards
as Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Gay Studebaker Gay Studebaker
Production Design
Richard Linklater Richard Linklater
Richard Linklater Richard Linklater
Cathleen Sutherland Cathleen Sutherland
Richard Linklater Richard Linklater
Jonathan Sehring Jonathan Sehring
Lee Daniel Lee Daniel
Director of Photography
Shane F. Kelly Shane F. Kelly
Director of Photography
Sandra Adair Sandra Adair
John Sloss John Sloss
Rodney Becker Rodney Becker
Production Design
Beth Sepko Beth Sepko
Kari Perkins Kari Perkins
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Randall Poster Randall Poster
Music Supervisor
Meghan Currier Meghan Currier
Music Supervisor
Vincent Palmo Jr. Vincent Palmo Jr.
Vincent Palmo Jr. Vincent Palmo Jr.
Assistant Director
Sandra Adair Sandra Adair
Caroline Kaplan Caroline Kaplan
Associate Producer
Anne Walker-McBay Anne Walker-McBay
Associate Producer
Darylin Nagy Darylin Nagy
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Parke Gregg Parke Gregg
Digital Intermediate
Nick Smith Nick Smith
Visual Effects
Digital Compositors
Dick Hancock Dick Hancock
Jeff Schwan Jeff Schwan
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Lee Hunsaker Lee Hunsaker
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John H. Smith John H. Smith
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