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The Bomber (2011)

The Bomber (2011)

Now their life is at stake

During World War II, a soviet aircraft crashes on Nazi-occupied territory. But the pilot Grivtsov and his beloved radio operator Katya miraculously survive. Another survivor is flight navigator Linko, who ejected from the plane. Each of them has to find his way and perform military tasks, return to his own forces and simply to stay alive. The situation becomes more complicated because of an act of sabotage, which has been committed before their take-off at the aerodrome. Honest Grivtsov gets on the bad side of the colonel of SMERSH by defending his friends. Instead of being granted a medal "Star" for his 100th flight, he is pronounced a traitor and is to be executed.

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  • Malik Mcclinton says :

    thank you so much sooooo much for uploading this!!!!!

  • Merlin Mcdonnell says :

    love this movie

  • Justina Jeanes says :

    A tiny bit slow at the beginning but worth the watch.

  • Krystle Keesling says :

    I never expected that movie is going to be uploaded on this site

  • Adena Ammann says :

    appreciate it a lot of for sharing, and also looking to view this for awhile.

Nikita Efremov Nikita Efremov
as Kapitan Andrey Grivtsov
Ekaterina Astakhova Ekaterina Astakhova
as Katya
Vladislav Abashin Vladislav Abashin
as Grigoriy
Darya Ekamasova Darya Ekamasova
as Lena
Egor Barinov Egor Barinov
as Mayor Deryabin
Alexandr Davydov Alexandr Davydov
as Starshiy leytenant Georgiy Linko
Henning Kober Henning Kober
as Brigadefyurer
Alexander Fuchs Alexander Fuchs
as Adyutant Kholta
Nataliya Vasko Nataliya Vasko
as Svetlana Parkhomenko
Ekaterina Kisten Ekaterina Kisten
as Zina
Vitaliy Vorobiov Vitaliy Vorobiov
Mikhail Veller Mikhail Veller
Arkadiy Tigay Arkadiy Tigay
Valery Fedorovich Valery Fedorovich
Roman Korotin Roman Korotin
Tania Khodakivska Tania Khodakivska
Vladimir Dushin Vladimir Dushin
Production Design
Galina Otenko Galina Otenko
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Dan Zolotarenko Dan Zolotarenko
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor
Vyacheslav Lazarev Vyacheslav Lazarev

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