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The Princess Diaries (2001)

The Princess Diaries (2001)

She rocks. She rules. She reigns.

A socially awkward but very bright 15-year-old girl being raised by a single mom discovers that she is the princess of a small European country because of the recent death of her long-absent father, who, unknown to her, was the crown prince of Genovia. She must make a choice between continuing the life of a San Francisco teen or stepping up to the throne.

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  • Malik Mcclinton says :

    I am seeking out this all over! *_* With thanks so much~!

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    Extremely important watch movie. 10/10.

  • Carita Clatterbuck says :

    I always aspired to watch this movie! Thanks a ton plenty of for sharing a really funny thing! \(^-^)/

Julie Andrews Julie Andrews
as Queen Clarisse Renaldi
Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway
as Amelia "Mia" Thermopolis
Héctor Elizondo Héctor Elizondo
as Joe
Heather Matarazzo Heather Matarazzo
as Lilly Moscovitz
Mandy Moore Mandy Moore
as Lana Thomas
Caroline Goodall Caroline Goodall
as Helen Thermopolis
Robert Schwartzman Robert Schwartzman
as Michael Moscovitz
Erik von Detten Erik von Detten
as Josh Bryant
Patrick John Flueger Patrick John Flueger
as Jeremiah Hart
Sean O'Bryan Sean O'Bryan
as Teacher Patrick O'Connell
Sandra Oh Sandra Oh
as Vice Principal Gupta
Kathleen Marshall Kathleen Marshall
as Charlotte Kutaway
Mindy Burbano Mindy Burbano
as Gym Teacher Ms. Harbula
Kimleigh Smith Kimleigh Smith
as Music Teacher Wells
Elizabeth Gudenrath Elizabeth Gudenrath
as Cheerleader Anna
Bianca Lopez Bianca Lopez
as Cheerleader Fontana
Tamara Levinson Tamara Levinson
as Cheerleader Lupe
Lenore Thomas Lenore Thomas
as Cable Show Student Melissa
Erik Bragg Erik Bragg
as Bobby Bad
Meredith Shevory Meredith Shevory
as Student Meredith
Anita Marie Curran Anita Marie Curran
as Newspaper Student Anita
Cassie Rowell Cassie Rowell
as Singing Student Alice
Todd Lowe Todd Lowe
as Lana's Date Eric
Joe Unitas Joe Unitas
as Coach Joe Ewe
Joel McCrary Joel McCrary
as Prime Minister Motaz
Clare Sera Clare Sera
as Maria Motaz
Greg Lewis Greg Lewis
as Baron Siegfried von Troken
Bonnie Aarons Bonnie Aarons
as Baroness Joy von Troken
Darwood Chung Darwood Chung
as Emperor Sakamoto
Julie Paris Julie Paris
as Princess Palisades
Jeff Michalski Jeff Michalski
as Scottish Duke
Erin O'Reilly Erin O'Reilly
as Scottish Duchess
Steve Restivo Steve Restivo
as Count Vitello
Brigitta Lauren Brigitta Lauren
as Lady Lindenlaub
Jane Morris Jane Morris
as Lady Evergreen
Gary Combs Gary Combs
as Lord Fricker
Marvin Braverman Marvin Braverman
as State Dinner Waiter
Allan Kent Allan Kent
as State Dinner Waiter (as Alan Kent)
Robert Glaudini Robert Glaudini
as Consulate Valet Adolpho (as Bob Glaudini)
Bill Ferrell Bill Ferrell
as Consulate Guard Darrell
Joe Ross Joe Ross
as Consulate Maitre D'
Charles Guardino Charles Guardino
as Limo Driver Mel
Sparrow Heatley Sparrow Heatley
as Gretchen
Gwenda Perez Gwenda Perez
as Helga
Barbara Marshall Barbara Marshall
as Lady Jerome
Sam Denoff Sam Denoff
as Lord Jerome
Tracy Reiner Tracy Reiner
as Press Secretary Spencer
Daru Kawalkowski Daru Kawalkowski
as Countess Puck
Diane Frazen Diane Frazen
as Ball Guest Diane
Stanley Frazen Stanley Frazen
as Ball Guest Stanley
Barbara Nabozny Barbara Nabozny
as Ball Guest Barbara (as Barbara J. Nabozny)
Ira Glick Ira Glick
as Ball Guest Dr. Glunk
Sol Rosenthal Sol Rosenthal
as Lawyer Ball Guest
Hope Alexander-Willis Hope Alexander-Willis
as Lady Caroline
Joe Allen Price Joe Allen Price
as Father Joseph
Willie Brown Willie Brown
as Himself
Patrick Richwood Patrick Richwood
as Neighbor Mr. Robutusen
Terry Brown Terry Brown
as Police Officer Arthur Washington
James Brown Orleans James Brown Orleans
as Doctor Motors
Rob Zylowski Rob Zylowski
as Pizza Delivery Man
Karl Makinen Karl Makinen
as Climbing Manager Schiavone
Sunny Hawks Sunny Hawks
as Climbing Instructor Vivian
Kathy Garver Kathy Garver
as Cable Tourist
Erika Young Erika Young
as Umbrella Lady
Ethan Sandler Ethan Sandler
as Tour Bus Driver
Shan Elliot Shan Elliot
as Michael's Band Flypaper
Trey Carter Trey Carter
as Michael's Band Flypaper (as Harold Carter)
Bud Markowitz Bud Markowitz
as Pear Juggler
Mark Thompson Mark Thompson
as DJ Mark
Brian Phelps Brian Phelps
as DJ Brian (as Brian W. Phelps)
Lily Marshall-Fricker Lily Marshall-Fricker
as Kid Autograph Seeker
Charlotte Marshall-Fricker Charlotte Marshall-Fricker
as Kid Autograph Seeker
Sandra Taylor Sandra Taylor
as Suki Sanchez
Tom Hines Tom Hines
as Nelson Davenport
Nicholle Tom Nicholle Tom
as Teen Reporter Cassie
Patrick Noonan Patrick Noonan
as Suki's Cameraman
Ali Gage Ali Gage
as Beach Reporter Ali
John Moran John Moran
as Beach Photographer
Tanya DiFrancesco Tanya DiFrancesco
as Beach Reporter Tanya
Shannon Wilcox Shannon Wilcox
as Ball Reporter
Tonje Larsgard Tonje Larsgard
as Ball Reporter
Rueben Grundy Rueben Grundy
as Street Reporter
Gwen Holloway Gwen Holloway
as Street Reporter
Lori Sigrist Lori Sigrist
as Twin Reporter
Terri Sigrist Terri Sigrist
as Twin Reporter
Andy Arness Andy Arness
as Teacher (uncredited)
Rene Auberjonois Rene Auberjonois
as Philippe Renaldi (uncredited)
Ned Brower Ned Brower
as Michael's Band Flypaper (uncredited)
Jodi Essex Jodi Essex
as Model (uncredited)
Larry Miller Larry Miller
as Paolo (uncredited)
Barry J. Ratcliffe Barry J. Ratcliffe
as Cop #2 (uncredited)
Craig Richards Craig Richards
as Student's Father (uncredited)
Terry Wayne Terry Wayne
as Clark (uncredited)
Garry Marshall Garry Marshall
Gina Wendkos Gina Wendkos
Mario Iscovich Mario Iscovich
Whitney Houston Whitney Houston
Debra Martin Chase Debra Martin Chase
Karl Walter Lindenlaub Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Director of Photography
Bruce Green Bruce Green
Meg Cabot Meg Cabot
John Debney John Debney
Original Music Composer
Mayne Berke Mayne Berke
Production Design